We are all deeply disturbed, saddened and puzzled about what happened to Malaysia Airlines MH370, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Below I have compiled a resource page to help you stay updated on the story. On a personal note, I’ve flown Malaysia Airlines several times (links below) and I have always had a pleasant experience with them. More importantly, Malaysia Airlines has had a good safety record and the Boeing 777, which was introduced 19 years ago, hadn’t had a fatal crash until the Asiana Airlines plane crashed last July in San Francisco, killing three passengers. My heart and prayers go out to all those affected.




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  1. Jennifer|
  2. philo|

    what seat was assigned to MAIMAITIIANG, passenger no. 99 ?

  3. Hideki Yamada|

    Could the plane, maybe potentially possibly or by the craziest of the chances, have landed someplace? I want to hope for this (remote) possibility for the friends and families of the passengers and crew.

  4. John|

    Captain Z was implicated in a scandal of him having sex with a young male. Further, the last contact with that airplane was NOT with Malaysian ATC – it was with another aircraft. The aircraft oxygen system and pressurization was turned off. Only the pilot had oxygen. The pilot flew the aircraft to the point of the coffin corner to 45,000 feet altitude where it subsequently stalled and fell in relative free-fall from 45,000 feet to 23,000 feet in 1minute and 30 seconds. Yes, it broke. But not entirely. All passengers were long dead after their demise at 45,000 feet. The plane landed, relatively intact, in the Straits of Malaca. The lone surviving pilot did deploy a damaged life boat (the door slide). Unfortunately the boat was too damaged and the pilot too injured after the crash landing to survive. He subsequently fell out of the boat. The boat has been recovered and the government isn’t disclosing that yet – nearly. Unfortunately, the life boat sank after a fisherman snared it. The government was too slow to recover it and it slowly sank. Deranged, the captain somewhat disillusioned, decided to put the whole plane to sleep for a bit as he played with the airplane just as he did at home. No big deal but what the hell does one do when he 1: breaks the airplane a little in the course of experimenting, and 2: realizes eventually he more than put everyone on the airplane to sleep. Of course there’s a limited amount of time so eventually he does land and attempt to survive…

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Where did you get this info?

      1. john| and other foreign websites are loaded with information

  5. Shindig|

    Why the picture of a 747?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good question! It was the only one we had in our photogallery

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