Lugabug: the easiest way to carry a childMy son is going to be one this week and in honor of his big birthday, I thought I would feature a travel product for children. Though he’s still too young for a Lugabug (two or older; maximum weight of 60lbs), I’ve heard it’s the easiest way to carry a child while traveling. Between juggling the kid(s), car seat, stroller, etc., you can never have too many hands. That’s where Lugabug comes in. It’s a child’s travel seat that attaches securely to luggage—creating the experience of fun, safe and efficient transport for kids.

It’s a collapsible, economical and multi-purpose family travel accessory—a “snug seat for tired feet.” It secures in seconds without taking up extra space. It can also be used as an extra pocket when hung over luggage, as a camp chair and/or as a sitting pad. The top strap can also be adjusted and worn over the shoulders to carry extra stuff. It’s made in the US and is available for $64 at or on Amazon.


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