LOT mistletoeLOT Polish Airlines, Poland’s national carrier, is bringing an old tradition to new heights this holiday season. The airline announced today that it will be hanging mistletoe twigs in every one of its aircraft through January 6, 2015, in the interest of bringing people—not just LOT customers—together. By way of their regular winter routes (to more than 40 cities around the world), these festive flights will carry mistletoe 30,000 feet above large swaths of the world below, giving the people below more reason to #KISSaLOT.

Mistletoe tradition, of course, says that humans that find themselves beneath the festive plant should kiss, perhaps for reasons theorized here. LOT notes that the the tradition is newer to Poland, but that its yields—of love, harmony and happiness—are something that the country and its premier airline can stand behind.

Interested lovers can look to the sky, or simply see what city LOT planes are currently flying over by visiting the #KISSaLOT website.

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