Remember those American Airlines $1 (+$324 in taxes) to fly one-way from Los Angeles or NY to Copenhagen that I wrote about last month? Well, they’re back! This time they are offering them round-trip so if you want to see Europe then I suggest you jump on them. According to TheFlightDeal seats are available April through July but I just found them in September too. See screenshots below.

TIP: If you do go to Europe or any where out of the country be sure to get a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees and has a chip. Here’s why and the top cards.

Los Angeles to Copenhagen for $650 R/T

New York to Copenhagen for $645 R/T



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  1. Steve|

    I need to get a Memphis to Barcelona chip RT in Aug…… it is cheaper to book a trip on and stay 6 nights than just air!

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