$3 Credit card fee!
$3 Credit Card Fee!

I’m so sick of falling for travel scams and I just learned about one in  Las Vegas the hard way. Yesterday, I took a taxi from the airport to Mandalay Bay and the $17 fare quickly turned to $24 because of tip and a $3 charge for using my credit card!

Ooh, does it tick me off to get suckered, and the City of Las Vegas should make it illegal for taxi drivers not to disclose the fee in advance. While they are at it, they should make the company (VeriFone) that owns the machine change the wording from ‘voucher’ to ‘fee’ (see photo above).

Travel tip: No matter where you are in the world be sure to ask if there’s an extra charge for using your credit card because I know they do it in England too.

11 Comments On "Las Vegas Taxis Charge $3 When You Use Your Credit Card"
  1. Jim|

    You can change the tip amount. Just a FYI for next time!

  2. Michael|

    It’s Vegas, there should be video poker on those screens! Maybe then you could win the voucher fee back!!

  3. Sam|

    Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce should subsidize the fee!

  4. L|

    It doesn’t cost the taxi company $3 to process a $17.90 charge. Not by a long shot. It is excessive reach to a captive audience. The City of Las Vegas is not in a position to affect this issue as Strip casinos are not within its jurisdiction. Clark County probably has a say but altering those dynamics would not be perceived as “pro business.”
    Nice to tack on an automatic 20 percent gratuity. I’m sure it, too, was fully disclosed…

  5. rbonilla|

    to me that is $3 off the tip..( if any)… or, use cash…

  6. kristen|

    does this show up on your account as pbc las vegas? I continue to get charged $2 almost monthly from this

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I believe so

  7. NotMyRealName|

    What a shocker to run across this post! I learned of — and listen to — Johnny Jet weekly via Leo Laporte. As a Las Vegas cab driver I was Googling some information and ran across this site/post. Yes, Johnny, all cab companies in Las Vegas charge $3.00 for using a credit card. (Oh, don’t forget to add a 3% state excise tax to that — which brings the total charge for using a credit card for your taxi ride in Nevada to $3.09!) I’m an old, cynical cab driver in Las Vegas who has dreamed, all of his life, of having YOUR life. Safe travels.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks for the note

  8. tr|

    “Jim | March 1, 2013 at 4:46 pm | Reply You can change the tip amount. Just a FYI for next time!

    Read more at: https://johnnyjet.com/las-vegas-taxis-charge-3-to-use-your-credit-card/

    By dropping the tip amount, you hurt the taxi driver who has no control over the voucher fee. The fact is, taxi drivers hate the voucher fee as much as the passengers do, and feel it angers their passengers enough not to pay a tip they otherwise would have. Supposedly, the fee was enacted to enable to taxi companies to recup the cost of the installation of all of the credit card machines in the taxis (thousands of taxis). However, drivers feel it is just another way the taxi companies rip-off customers at the expense of the drivers, since the fee is so high. Since it is the Taxi Authority that regulates Las Vegas taxi companies, they were perfectly willing to let this happen. So what does that tell you? Rumor has it that they plan on removing the fee, or at least reducing it this year (2017). We shall see. Whatever their reasons for removing it, IF they do, they sure caused a lot of headaches for all the drivers and passengers.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good to know. Thanks for sharing

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