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I got into this business by sharing travel tips. It’s how I started out (I was working as a college recruiter, traveling across a 26-state region and learning tricks of the trade along the way). I started my newsletter to share my travel tips with friends and colleagues and before I knew it, became my full-time job.

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Many (many!) years later, sharing travel tips is still a huge part of what I do. I’m always trying to help people to travel smarter and even with all of my years of experience, I’m constantly learning new things and new tricks as I go. That’s why I’m always so curious to hear other peoples’ best travel tips, too. I recently launched my YouTube channel with lots of new content. I’m interviewing frequent travelers about their favorite travel destinations and experiences and I ask all of them for their best travel tip. The first interview I conducted was with Josh Gates, host of Discovery Channel’s Expedition Unknown and Destination: Truth. He shared his best travel tip with me in the video at the top so check it out!

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Josh Gates’ best travel tip

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