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I knew something was going on when my phone and direct messages started lighting up yesterday. All the messages had variations of the same the subject line: Jimmy Kimmel and Johnny Jet. I was hoping that the late night show host had given my website,, a plug but after watching the clip, I realized it was pretty much the opposite of a plug.

Jimmy Kimmel introduces Johnny Jet.First of all, I love Jimmy Kimmel … even before I found out that there’s a very good chance we’re related. His grandfather is not only from the same small island as my grandparents but also from the same town and had the same last name.

So when I found out that he’d done a skit about the current climate of air travel and created a fictional airline called Johnny Jet, I was excited. That is, until I watched it. Below is the two-minute clip, which starts at the end of his opening monologue at 10:03.

Here’s a partial transcript:

“In the Senate today, we heard testimony from the CEO of Boeing, a guy named Dave Calhoun, who was grilled about his company’s recent mishaps, like the ones where pieces of their planes come off in the air. Calhoun said Boeing apologizes for their safety issues and that they understand the gravity. Uh, which yeah, understanding gravity is important for a company that makes airplanes. Maybe the number one most important thing.

But airline travel has never felt more chaotic. It seems to be one thing after another. Either the planes are coming apart or the passengers are. Just the diarrhea alone.

I mean, there’s an EasyJet flight to London that had to be canceled because somebody made a Big Ben on the floor. A Delta flight to Barcelona had to turn around due to a biohazard issue caused by a passenger who went all the way up and down the aisle of the plane. Two months ago, the toilet overflowed on a Boeing 777. Those are just a few examples of what’s going on. It’s bad, but fortunately, especially with summer coming, help is on the way in the form of a new airline that knows exactly how to handle this sort of thing.”

Jimmy then shows a video with a flight attendant saying, “Prepare to experience a revolution in air travel, Johnny Jet. The only airline with a fully functioning toilet, under every seat. When nature calls, simply lift the cushion to reveal the seat. Drape the privacy tarp over your lower half and you’re all set.”

There’s more which you can watch here but it ends with a pilot flying a plane with no pants on saying, “We’re number one, at number two.”

I think Jimmy is hilarious but the skit, not so much … or maybe I’m just biased because he’s putting my brand in the toilet. But I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority with this sentiment because one person commented, “I had tears running down my face I was laughing so hard.”

Another person, Cindy Jo, commented, “We were on a recent flight to Arizona and the toilet wouldn’t flush , so they set bottles of water on the sink and you had to use the bottles to flush!”

I’ve been on planes before where the lavatory was not functioning and on a particular flight, the pilot on a cross country flight got on the PA and said, “We’re down to one toilet because someone keeps flushing objects which aren’t supposed to go down a toilet and it’s breaking them. If we lose the next one, we will be forced to divert to Denver to get them fixed.”

On a Delta connection (small regional jet) from Detroit to Erie, the pilot made an announcement at the gate that the toilet was not working so if anyone needed to use the bathroom, to do it now, as the toilet wasn’t going to be available for the  37-minute flight. Another time, the water wasn’t working and the flight attendants left a cup full of single use hand wipes.

In case you’re a first time reader, my legal name is John and my nickname growing up was Johnny Jetski since I used to jet ski a lot. When I started to travel for work and created my website, I dropped the ‘ski’ off of my nickname since it made sense. Now, most people know me as Johnny Jet and even my dad used to call me by my nickname before he passed.  You can learn a little bit more about me and how I started here.

What’s funny is that my parents used to refer to the toilet as a ‘john’ and I would always joke with them about why they would name me John, a word they associate with a toilet. Now I need to ask Cousin Jimmy the same thing.


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7 Comments On "Jimmy Kimmel features Johnny Jet in his opening monologue for all the wrong reasons"
  1. Mo|

    Ugh…not funny at all :-/

  2. Phil|

    Sorry they used Johnny Jet for the name of the “airline” but it is a funny bit. Don’t worry your reputation is still good.

  3. John|

    I don’t think I have ever watched this show and after watching this clip, which by the way is over 10 minutes, yikes, I can see why.

  4. John|

    What, are you crazy? This is the way to get on Jimmy Kimmel Live and advertise your brand to the world—my gosh, this is the kind of publicity that money cannot buy!
    Congrats, you made it after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Marlin|

    Nothing in that clip was funny, including the whole 10 minutes that had nothing to do with the airplane part, glad I have never wasted time on him before, he is a pompous #@$.

  6. Max Weber|

    Kimmel is seldom funny and this time was not an exception. Are you considering a lawsuit?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I’m not

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