This portable power station could save you in an emergency

I live in Southern California so I’m always trying to stay prepared for the Big One (earthquake, that is), just in case it hits. That means a lot of things, including maintaining access to backup power. The Jackery Explorer Portable Power Station—which is this week’s featured product—is great for not only people like me who live in earthquake zones but in fact for people who live anywhere that power could go out (which is pretty much everywhere in the world).

The Jackery Explorer Portable Power Station is the brainchild of a former Apple battery engineer in Silicon Valley. It’s ready with backup power whenever and wherever you are, inside or outside or even on the go. It provides portable power wherever your travels take you (as long as you don’t fly with it), letting you bring peace of mind with you, and has you covered in the event of a power outage at home. It comes in several sizes/models (all on Amazon here):

  • 167 watt-hours ($117.99)
  • 240 watt-hours ($249.99)
  • 518 watt-hours ($499)

To use it (any of the three), you simply plug it in once to fully charge it. After charging, power will be stored in the battery for 12 to 18 months. (Over time, if it’s not used, the battery level may decrease to 70-80% in 12 months.)

I keep my Jackery Explorer Portable Power Station next to my emergency backpack.

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