Interest in self-driving cars Is down in AmericaAs the likes of Google, Tesla and Uber invest in a future of self-driving cars, the American public is less interested in utilizing the technology than it was last year according to data collected by Allianz Global Assistance. Less than half of Americans (43% total) identified themselves as either very interested or somewhat interested, down from 53% in 2017.

Why the change in perception? Among people not very interested or not at all interested, safety concerns were cited as reasons by 71%, compared to 65% last year. Notably, there have been a few high-profile accidents involving self-driving cars, including two that were fatal in March. After safety concerns, a lack of familiarity (23%), cost/budget (21%) and bad publicity (12%) were cited in mass as dissuasive factors. Interestingly, 24% of the people surveyed noted that they’ll be interested in self-driving cars eventually but that at this early phase they’re not interested in being guinea pigs.

Here’s more on the subject by the numbers:

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“Based on consumer perceptions, our survey reveals an uncertain future for self-driving cars,” says Dan Durazo, director of communications, Allianz Global Assistance USA. “Many Americans are far from being convinced that self-driving cars can be operated safely on our streets. As our Future of Travel survey last year indicated, more travelers would feel safer on a rocket to space than being a passenger in a self-driving vehicle.”

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