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With Kent St. John in Fes, Morocco.

I’ve been on over a hundred press trips and have met all kinds of characters and with the exception of my wife, the best person I ever met was Kent E St John. He was one of the most genuine, sincere and loveable guys around and I am heartbroken to learn that he has passed away.

My brother described him the best after I sent him on a trip to Papua New Guinea a few years ago and Kent was on the trip. When he returned, he said, “That guy Kent should be the president of the world.” That’s the kind of guy Kent was.

Kent used to tell me he was one of my biggest fans and he was one of the first people to write about But in reality, I was his biggest fan and always recommended him for any trip. Afterwards the PR person always thanked me for the introduction.

Words can’t accurately describe Kent but it seems appropriate that he passed away on Thanksgiving. I’m so thankful he was an influential and inspiring part of my life.



7 Comments On "In Memory of Kent E St John (1955-2012)"
  1. Courtney Clonard Walsh|

    Stunned to hear this. Kent was my first “FB friend” in that we conversed often but had never met – although we almost did, once, in Rome. He kept promising to come visit our Locanda Toscanini, and his posts on navigating with cancer were inspiring. He will be sorely missed. Take care, Johnny, and auguri per la sposa!

  2. modhop|

    A nice tribute to your friend..Sorry for your loss.

    1. vivian deuschl|

      Thanks for remembering our beloved Kent in such a special way. He is now on the ultimate fam trip, free of pain and suffering. I will miss him so much

  3. Anonymous|

    Beautiful tribute for a beautiful soul…

  4. Francis J DiScala Jr.|

    I met kent in PNG – and in some of the last raw places on Earth. Johnny prefaced the trip with ” your are gonna love Kent St. John.” Johnny said nothing about what PNG would offer – just that I would LOVE Kent – and I did as he was one of the singular greatest impressions iny life. May we hold the memory of the great man close and remember the feeling of his smile and twinkling eyes. His positive, gentle, fun loving and engaging manner and hope that in some way we can be a little like he was. His writing inspired and enlightened.

  5. Burt|

    Just knowing Kent was a fantastic journey…, his courage and ability to face, understand, and evaluate situations, opportunities, and circumstances, while quickly making sound decisions, was the core of his manifest in bringing happiness to others…; you did it right once again, giving a modern day update to the meaning of Thanksgiving, you will never be forgotten…, enjoy your travels old friend.

  6. Sheila Callahan|

    Johnny, what a lovely tribute. I’m sorry I never met Kent. May he RIP.

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