radio-gardenHere’s a cool website that armchair travelers will really love. Radio Garden streams radio stations from all over the world, and I mean all over. Users can zoom in and out of the Google-powered map and click on the green dots to find and listen to a station. In remote places there are just a few, but in populated cities you will find multiple options. Jump around to get a taste.

I just checked out Bula FM in Suva, Fiji, a small one in Gladesville, Australia, and another in the Netherlands. It’s so cool to hear the type of music they’re playing and what the DJs have to say.

Radio Garden can also be a resource for travelers, who can listen to the local stations of places they’re going to get a sense of place and/or good info or ideas. For example, I just learned from an Aussie DJ that Australia Day is coming up soon (January 26), which would be valuable info if I was traveling there since that would mean banks, stores and museums would be closed.

Check it out and let us know your favorite radio station below!



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3 Comments On "How to Listen to Radio Stations All Over the World for Free"
  1. Newstrotter|

    This is a great discovery for me. Thanks for sharing Johnny Jet!

  2. Linda Fry|

    Sorry Johnny, we are in Italy for two months on a home exchange and wanted some US/local news but every red dot everywhere was “unresponsive “.

  3. Fiseha|


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