gopureHere’s a clever product that’s about the size of a wine cork that will purify tap water. The GoPure Pod ($24.95) could be something you never leave home without, especially if you travel to places where clean drinking water is difficult to find. This revolutionary portable water filter just needs to be dropped into any water bottle before it immediately starts purifying tap water—so, water that’s already potable (see below)—through its patented PuriBloc technology. The GoPure Pod supposedly filters out dangerous impurities so you can know that the water you’re drinking is clean and safe (and tastes good). According to the company’s website (they sent me one to try out), one pod replaces 2,000 plastic water bottles, lasts up to six months, and can treat up to 264 gallons of water. They even sell a version for pets ($29.95).

Important: As reader Paul noted below, the GoPure Pod is “suitable only for potable water.”



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8 Comments On "GoPure Pod: A Water Purifier You Can Travel With"
  1. Paul Keyes|

    If you look up the product description is says that it is “SUITABLE ONLY FOR POTABLE WATER.”

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Holy cow! You’re right. We will change the story

      1. Bettina|

        I wouldnt just change the story– I’d take it down. it’s terribly misleading.

    2. Kent|

      Thanks for your feedback. Quite a bit of info on the subject here:

      The problems are many and less to do with the difference between potable vs non-potable water and more to do with the common perception that all potable and bottled water is safe. Bottled water for example, is less regulated than municipal water and even BPA-free plastic is vulnerable to leaching toxins

      The biggest contributing factor in other countries is likely from poor or degrading infrastructure, which is big problem now in US as well. Keep in mind testing is always done at the source of treatment and water quality degrades while traveling through pipes. Also faucets can be filthy breeding ground for mold and bacteria generally not being cleaned regularly.

      The GoPure Pod is an ideal potable water “finisher,” which removes contaminants, prevents bacteria/biofilm, protects against parasites and enhances freshness. The scientific evidence was confirmed by both the Moyne Institute Laboratories, Trinity College (Dublin) and the Potable Water & Hygiene Laboratory in Germany.

  2. Charris|

    what is the scientific evidence? what does it remove? Bacteria? viruses? Impurities?

    1. Dawnpatrol|

      They have a tech page that answers what the pod will filter in tap water. I have one and really like the fact that i can leave it in my water bottle and my water still taste great 2-3 days later (when I leave it in my car). I’ve very guilty of not cleaning my bottle on a daily or even weekly basis. I feel like the pod is actually keeping my stainless steel bottle cleaner. Pretty cool.

  3. Joe Placencia|

    Hello johnny,
    Will this product work in the Philippines(Contaminated water)
    I have been their 8 times and i always come down with a stomach virus.
    I drink bottle/mineral water all day long?
    The problem may be when i brush my teeth or while taking a shower?
    Thank you
    Joe P.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      It won’t. It’s for potable water.

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