Finding the right flight for you just got easier thanks to Hipmunk’s new search options. The popular flight search and planning website now provides the option to search by amenities, WiFi options, aircraft, baggage, and mileage earned for the flight. You can also make class comparisons on fare types once you’ve selected your flight.

Hipmunk’s New Features

Hipmunk already provides the option to search by Agony, Price, Duration, Takeoff, and Landing and can be filtered by Airlines, Airports, Classes, and Stops. These new search filters, located on the right-hand side under the “Show Me:” button, add that extra oomph to your travel planning without forcing you to cross-reference other sites.

Included under “Show Me:” are:

  • Amenities: This gives you the option to check for WiFi, power outlets, legroom, meals provided (if any), and what entertainment is available on the flight.
  • Wi-Fi: Whether or not the airline has Wi-Fi and how much it’ll cost.
  • Baggage: What fees there may be for a carry-on bag and for a checked bag.
  • Aircraft Type: This option breaks down the body of the airline, providing information on rows and seats. Some searches even had images included in the search.
  • Mileage Earned: Perhaps the most interesting and innovative of the new features, this allows travelers to view and compare how many points or miles they’ll earn for that particular flight. This can be a great option for frequent travelers.

According to Adam Goldstein, the co-founder, and CEO of Hipmunk, “Travelers often choose a flight based on what’s displayed at the time of booking, only to find out when it’s too late that they can’t use the overhead bin. Now, Hipmunk has found a way to ensure every traveler knows exactly what they are getting—before they book.” With more airlines finding ways to cut costs, this option is an asset for travelers.

Hipmunk maintains its clean and easy to use interface – a bonus that consumers have loved since Hipmunk’s inception.

Benefits For Consumers

Having the option to easily compare flights and costs based on different criteria is a bonus for consumers. For instance, if you want to earn miles but aren’t fussed about the type of aircraft, this is perfect for you. Alternatively, if you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to opt for the larger aircraft that isn’t as sensitive to wind currents.

You can view which airline will charge to book a seat over one that doesn’t and make a comparison on whether or not the bonuses warrant the price difference. Additionally, the ability to see how many points or miles earned for the flight can make a difference on whether or not to stay loyal or to shop around for better incentives. With this new tool, the comparisons are laid out clearly for consumers – and competitors. Airlines can get a picture of what is being offered and find new ways to entice you to their services.

Overall, this new search option is an all-encompassing way to bring all travelers together. This inclusive tool listens to consumers needs — albeit extra legroom, additional luggage, or 500 points closer to a free flight.

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