Hawaiian Airlines premium A330 cabin (Credit: Hawaiian Airlines)
Hawaiian Airlines premium A330 cabin (Credit: Hawaiian Airlines)

Hawaiian Airlines is redesigning the premium class product offered aboard its A330-200 jets. The first new-look jet will be seen in the second quarter of 2016, and the remainder will be fitted starting September of 2016 through 2017.

The new version of Hawaiian’s premium product will include 180-degree lie-flat seats, enriched service options, more space, and a bold interior design that claims to stay true to the airline’s Hawaiian heritage. It will also add 28 additional Extra Comfort seats in response to increasing demand.

The airline will remove a total of 16 seats in the new configuration, so there will be more space, which will make premium class travelers smile. (Economy, no change in for you! Still, you have 31 inches of space.) In the new arrangement, the plane will hold 278 passengers (as opposed to 294 passengers), with 18 in Business/First Class, 68 in Extra Comfort and 192 in the Main Cabin.

Transitioning into a global carrier
The change comes at a time when Hawaiian Airlines is bolstering its position in the Pacific. And it’s a good move since it really needed it.

The airline is acknowledging the need to invest in business travelers and luxury leisure guests to be seen as a more global product. With this move it is attempting to position itself as not just the airline to take you to Honolulu, but also the airline to take you to other places in the Pacific—like Auckland, Seoul, Haneda, and Sapporo, for example.

“Together with our partners at Optimares and PaulWylde, we have created a truly bespoke design that delivers world-class comfort and style, while staying true to our island roots,” said Mark Dunkerley, President and CEO of Hawaiian Airlines. “Whether traveling for business, with family or on a romantic retreat, the new premium cabin evokes an engaging bold, contemporary sense of Hawaii, complemented by the warm aloha spirit of our cabin crew.”

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