It’s never too soon to begin thinking about gifts for your loved ones. And for those who have travelers on their shopping lists, finding the right gift is all the more fun! We compiled a list of our favorite things for the road warriors on your holiday shopping list.

Flytographer Gift Card
When we travel, we love coming home with beautiful family photos. There’s no souvenir more special. Flytographer has local photographers in over 300 destinations around the world and their photographers take truly amazing vacation photos. If you’re shopping for someone who loves to travel this holiday season, consider a Flytographer gift card and help them capture memories all over the world. Use code JOHNNYJET50 to get $50 off your purchase, whether you’re booking a shoot for yourself or buying a gift card.

Speck Suitcase
You may not think that luggage is the most exciting thing but Speck Travel has a new collection out that we’re pretty sure will change your mind! First things first: The sleek design of their 29-inch upright suitcase is extremely attractive and streamlined and comes in great colors (Pink, Concrete Grey, Black, and Macaw Blue), that will stand out on the baggage carousel and on your Instagram feed, without being too bold. This bag has great features like a three-way adjustable handle, four shock absorbing dual wheels and an internal mesh divider with a three-pocket organizer. But what really makes us happy is just how good this suitcase looks. You’ll feel super stylish strutting through the airport with this luggage. Oh, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Plus, you can gift this bag knowing that if anything goes wrong, Speck offers a 100-day return policy, no questions asked (but we’re pretty sure you’re not going to need this!)

Courant Wireless Portable Charger
One thing travelers want more than anything else is convenience. If you can take an essential item, and make it easier to use, that’s a victory for a road warrior. If you can also make it look sleek and stylish, that’s a bonus! The Courant Wireless Portable Charger makes charging your mobile devices convenient while looking good doing it. Simply plug in the charger and set your mobile devices on it to charge. It comes in four distinct configurations and five colors, all designed to keep travelers connected and organized on the road.

Soma 25 oz. Glass Water Bottle
Take your water along on your travels with ease with Soma’s newest 25-oz bottle. Beautifully designed and thoughtfully crafted, the 25-oz Soma Glass Water Bottle holds 40 percent more water than its sibling (the original Soma Glass Water Bottle) for longer drinking life and fewer fills. Features a wide mouth opening capable of fitting ice cubes and a sturdy silicon grip for easy carrying wherever your travels take you.
Portable Air Purifier

Let’s face it, most travelers have spent time in a room that smelled less than fresh. And while changing rooms may not always be an option, cleaning the air now is! This Portable Air Purifier and Essential Oil Set from The Pure Company gives road warriors a portable solution to air purifying. Filter-less ionization eliminates odors and allergens while the essential oil set lets you create your zen space by infusing the air with your favorite scents.

Full Circle Ziptuck
This is a great gift for travelers who want to be more eco-friendly this year. These bags are reusable and useful year-round to hold your travel essentials – from make-up, toiletries and chargers to snacks for easy on-the-go access. They are available in a variety of patterns and sizes. Stow, seal, and wash them to your heart’s content. You can also label and wipe them clean with a dry erase marker.

Touring Sunglasses
Sunglasses are a travel essential but these shades from SPY aren’t just any sunglasses. Their design is inspired by the outdoor sports community but you don’t have to be a snowboarder to enjoy their benefits. The wraparound style makes them sporty and fit great and their exclusive Happy Lenses offer protection against short-wave blue light (known to be damaging to the eyes) and harnesses the benefits of long-wave blue light, which can have a positive impact on mood. The traveler on your shopping list will be thrilled to find these under the tree!Compression Packing Cubes
Most travelers will agree, packing can be a chore. And packing just the right amount of stuff can be a challenge. That’s why packing cubes are so great. They can help travelers maximize space in their suitcase while simultaneously keeping things organized. With these compression packing organizers, you can fit your clothes into these specially designed bags, then use zippers to compress them into carry-on friendly sizes. So go ahead, pack that extra cute outfit. Using these organizers, it’ll fit!

One gadget that is sure to please the international traveler on your list is Pocketalk. A portable instant voice translator with 74 built-in languages, the Pocketalk takes the apprehension out of communicating while traveling internationally. The device has a built-in battery, comes with 2 years of international cellular data and is compact enough to take anywhere.



Lifepack Carry-on Closet

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do on the road is to stay organized. Well, the folks at Solgaard have taken steps to keep your traveling loved ones organized with their Carry-On Closet. By hanging their organizer on the handle, simply pack your belongings in a way that keeps things neat and tidy, then compress it into the hard-sided plastic roller bag and you’re good to go. The organizer can also be removed for those who want to use the bag in a more traditional way. The organizer is great, but the bag is pretty spectacular, too. It’s extra durable, features an aluminum frame, reinforced corners, TSA compliant lock and USB charging through a solarbank (not included).

Touchland Power Mist Hand Sanitizer
The Touchland Power Mist hand sanitizer is a great stocking stuffer that can help keep your loved ones healthy and germ-free as they travel. The compact applicator is stylish and contains a dermatologist-tested formula, including ingredients like Aloe Vera and Essential Oils. So not only is it good for your skin, but it also eliminates 99.9% of all harmful germs. And with airplanes being shared spaces, carrying hand sanitizer is a must. Plus, it TSA compliant!


With 30 pockets (yes, we said 30!), the Enforcer Jacket from Scottevest is a traveler’s dream. I’ve been working with Scottevest for years now and as soon as I learned about their jackets, I was an instant fan. The multiple pockets basically act as an extra piece of carry-on luggage, meaning you can more easily pack everything you need without having to check a bag and pay excess baggage fees. Inside this Scottevest jacket, you can fit your ID, phone, tablet, travel documents, water bottle, glasses, keys and so more. Any frequent traveler will appreciate this thoughtful gift.

Stantt Shirts
Stantt’s performance shirts are sharp and stylish but perhaps more importantly, they’re wrinkle-resistant and stretch easily. Perfect for the guy on your list who wants to look nice on-the-go without a lot of fuss. There are lots of different styles and colors to choose from but the most impressive thing to know about these shirts is that they’re made to order. There are 99 sizes to choose from (yes, you read that correctly!), meaning that giving you a perfect, custom fit is their top priority. You can also gift someone a Stantt Gift Kit, which includes fabric samples for the recipient to choose the color and pattern they like best and a gift card with which to purchase the shirt. Um, brilliant!

The Everywhere Bag
Travelers know how important the right bag is. The Everywhere Bag from Away Travel may just be the perfect carry-on for those on your shopping list. This durable bag features stylish looks, tons of colors and fabrics with features every traveler will love. This bag is thoughtfully designed and includes a pocket for your laptop, a watertight compartment for umbrellas or other wet items, and a dedicated pocket for your passport. All these features are included, while still being large enough to be your primary weekender bag, and small enough to comfortably carry on your shoulder. For longer trips, it easily attaches to the handle of your Away Carry-On roller bag.

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