mountEach Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Karol, who—inspired by Wednesday’s tip—offers two products that make using GPS in the car easier (and legal):

Says Karol:

“I purchased both of these mounts: one for my car (because I have room in my Suburban to stick something near my radio/dash area) and the other to go into the CD player because my husband’s car can’t accommodate something that sticks or suctions on. (We don’t like using the windshield area.) I have been using mine for over a year now, and LOVE it. You put the magnet inside your cell phone case and it sticks like magic when you get in the car.”

Thanks, Karol!



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2 Comments On "Get a Phone Mount to Use GPS in the Car"
  1. Tammy|

    I’ll add to this good tip: I keep a small, easy-to-pack phone mount in my go-pack for business travel. The one I use, the Kenu Airframe (I have no association with them!), slips easily into rental car air vents and keeps my phone GPS app easy to glance at while also keeping my eyes on traffic in unfamiliar places. It’s so small it fits easily into the same back that holds my chargers, etc. How do I prevent myself from inadvertently leaving it behind in the car? The very last time I use it is usually when I’m returning the rental car to the airport — instead of removing the phone that last time, I pull the phone and the mount off together, then separate them. I’ve been using the Airframe this way for several years now and haven’t left it behind yet!

  2. Deedee Lewis|

    I really like your tip about using a phone mount to make the use of GPS in the car easier. My husband and I use GPS when we travel quite a bit, to save our phone batteries. I will have to share this tip with my husband for our next adventure so that we can look into using a phone mount to keep the navigation system steady.

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