In an age of booming tourism around the world, many destinations have seen the downside of the boom in the form of damage to their natural landscapes. In the Faroe Islands, where the stunning, rugged natural landscapes are expected to welcome exponentially larger crowds in the years ahead, a new initiative prioritizes the environment in a novelly tourist-friendly way.

The initiative—called “Closed for Maintenance, Open for Voluntourism“—is detailed in the video above, but here are the basics, from the source: “Over the weekend of 26-27 April, major tourism sights in the Faroe Islands will be closed for regular tourists but open for everyone who wishes to help maintain them. In return for a helping hand, volunteers will be gifted both accommodation and food over the three-night maintenance period by the Faroese nation.”

Anyone can register to participate. So long as you’re one of the first 100 to do so, you’ll be confirmed via email as supplied with what’s written above: three nights accommodation, food (including a celebratory feast on the final night), and transport within the Faroe Islands. You’ll have to pay your way to and from Copenhagen, and then between Copenhagen and Faroes in both directions (a special rate of approximately €280/$320 roundtrip has been arranged from Copenhagen to the Faroe Islands on April 25 and back on April 28), but once there, the experience is sure to be a special one. See more—and register—here!

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