January 1st marked the premiere of my first show on Travel Channel — “Hot Spots 2012.” I am so humbled at all the positive feedback we’ve gotten and wanted to share some with you. Please continue to comment on this page with your thoughts on the show — what you liked, what you didn’t, what places were your favorites on my list, etc. We’re hoping to bring a lot more to you in the future!
  • Kelly Merritt: Wow! The Johnny Jet special “2012 Hot Spots” on the Travel Channel tonight was amazing — here’s hoping it becomes a series. Travel Channel, better get Johnny Jet while he’s available because I bet there will be a long line of producers trying to sign him up. Go Johnny Jet!

  • Meghan Marfise: Props to Johnny Jet for an awesome show on the Travel Channel last night!!! If you missed it, it reruns the following two Sundays-“Hot Spots 2012” on the Travel Channel.

  • John Hussey: Awesome show Johnny Jet!

  • Kerry Morrissey: You hit it out of the park kid…. Can you share with your fans where you will be on Monday.

  • Charles McCool: Fantastic show, Johnny Jet. “Hot Spots 2012” on Travel Channel is entertaining and informative. I want to visit all 8 of the hot spots!

  • Melissa Lorenzo: Way to go Johnny Jet well done! The editting, panning, Time manipulation, your narration and upbeat speed was great. Never a dull moment! Looking forward to more from Johnnyjet Hot Spots.

  • Jean-Louis Delezenne: You totally rocked that show, Hope to see the series soon!



6 Comments On "Fan Feedback on "Hot Spots 2012" on Travel Channel"
  1. C. Carlton|

    i really enjoyed the show too. congrats on it all. are you coming out with a new show on travel channel? i will set my dvr…ha

  2. Samantha|

    So sad I missed it. Can I catch it again?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Yes! You can see it again this Sunday Jan 8th at 4 PM EST and next Saturday Jan 14th at 1 PM EST. Check your local listings. Thanks so much for the support!

  3. Chuck|

    Johnny Jet rules!
    I love the new site………..

  4. Ruth|

    I loved watching the show! Hope you’ll have more coming too!

  5. Steve Swenson|

    I would liked a detailed list of your Hotspots of 2012 that were on the Travel channel.

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