The FaceCradle: the best travel pillow yet?I’ve seen a lot of unique travel pillows (like this one and this one) but the FaceCradle may take the cake. Last year, it started out as a Kickstarter where it became the biggest-selling travel accessory in Kickstarter’s history. It raised more than a million dollars! After that, the Australian company behind it opened a U.S. headquarters for marketing and faster order fulfillment.

I haven’t seen a FaceCradle on a plane yet but I did test it out at the 2016 Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas. If you can overlook the fact that your seatmates will definitely get a chuckle when you bust it out (it kind of looks like a toilet seat) you might get better sleep while traveling.

FaceCradleThe FaceCradle has multiple positions, which you can see in the photo above: Dozing Mode, Snoozing Mode, Table Nap Mode, Deep Sleep (Front), and Deep Sleep (Side). The pillow has a high-quality memory foam pad and is on a sturdy fiberglass reinforced nylon frame. You can pick one up for $69 on Amazon.

2 Comments On "The FaceCradle: The Best Travel Pillow Yet?"
  1. Tom Christian|

    I think they need to do some research on their pricing. $69 seems crazy for this. I will not experiment with this for that price.

  2. FaceCradle Team|

    Yes Tom that might be your immediate reaction but this is two pillows with two covers etc, internal frame, metal hinges etc…not just a bag of foam…Compared to an extended leg room upgrade that doesnt get you any extra sleep, this product is great value at this price. If you are worried about sleep and you can afford it, Business Class is one solution and the next best is FaceCradle…and you buy it just once…so the value is there for sure.

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