How to travel between LA and SFLast year I wrote about a new bus service between Los Angeles and San Francisco called SleepBus. Now, that name and concept are gone. The owners have rebranded the overnight sleeper service as Cabin and are marketing it as America’s first moving hotel.

If you’re not in a hurry and looking for a unique way to travel between LA and SF, Cabin is worth a look. Overnight trips with private sleeping cabins start at $115. All trips depart at 11pm and arrive by 7am PT the following morning. And supposedly “every Cabin vehicle is obsessively engineered for safety.”

All passengers have to do is arrive 10 minutes before departure at the centrally located pick-up spots, where they’ll be welcomed by hospitality-trained attendants and able to unwind in the lounge. Pick-up and drop-off for Los Angeles is at Palisades Park at Ocean Ave & Arizona Ave in Santa Monica. The San Francisco spot is the Bayside Lot, 1 Bryant Street.

More on the Cabin experience, which offers 24/7 attendants: They allow two pieces of luggage per person and offer nighttime tea, free Wi-Fi, and super soft sheets and fluffy pillows in your own private sleeping cabin. Also: privacy shades, blackout drapes, soundproof walls, personal outlets, reading lights, complimentary ear plugs, and water. Children under 10 years of age are not allowed.

It seems like a great option for those that don’t like to fly or want to save a night’s money on a hotel room.

What do you think? Would you take Cabin? Have you?


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