Organize your travel photos while you can't travel
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Each Friday, we feature a reader-inspired tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s reader tip comes from Sandy M., who offers an idea for all the travelers stuck inside right now:

“Since I’ve had to cancel my travel plans and am sheltered in place I thought it would be a good time to go through all my travel photos and organize them. I always think I’ll do it when I get back and several months or years go by.”

Thanks, Sandy! There are many ways to organize your travel photos. However you do it, going through old photos and moving them into one place is a good way to help yourself later and also take a trip down memory lane. Right now, there’s a real need for that. Here are a few additional tips to help you organize your travel photos:

  • I make sure to keep backups of my travel photos on an external hard drive, just in case. Here’s the hard drive I’ve been using for that. If something happens to the device that your photos are saved on and your photos aren’t backed up, you could lose them forever!
  • If you’re a more serious photographer, this a good guide to managing your different photos/files.
  • It may go without saying but instead of just dumping your photos in one place, organizing your photos in folders with locations and dates will help you navigate them later. There are other ways to categorize, too. You could sort your trips (and photos of them) by the people you were with (“family”…), for example.
  • Download your travel photos from Facebook…

How to download your travel photos from Facebook

Many people have a lot of good travel photos on Facebook, either that they’ve uploaded themselves or that other people have taken/posted. If you have a lot of such photos on Facebook, there’s a way to download them all at once so you have them on your own device(s). A step-by-step guide to doing this was featured in Kim Komando’s newsletter, which I’m subscribed to. Check it out here.

How do you organize your photos?

Share your own tips in the comments below!


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