SecurityIt amazes me how blasé passengers are with their belongings at security. Especially watches and cash. They just put them in the bin and walk through the metal detector without pushing their stuff through, or at least keeping their eyes on it. This makes it super easy for other passengers to steal.

The problem with stealing from other passengers is not just that it’s morally wrong, bad karma, etc.; you’ll actually get caught like this woman boarding an Emirates flight at JFK airport. Authorities busted her stealing $5,600 from a Chinese passenger after reviewing security footage and pulled her off of her flight. The best part is that after being caught, she asked if she could just return the money and continue on with her trip. Nope. Instead, she was charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

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  1. Alison B.|

    I’ve seen some airports (ICN) that assign a number# to your laptop before it goes through security. I don’t like getting pulled aside for a random check whilst my purse and belongings sits on the other side without protection.

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