Don’t Let Winter Weather Böögg You Down
The April 15th festival known as Sechseläuten (pronounced zecks-e-loyten) which takes place in Zurich, Switzerland heralds the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Tradition holds that an effigy representing winter, known as a Böögg, be burned. The longer it takes the Böögg to burn, the colder the summer. Judging from what most of the U.S. has experienced this winter, it could be a long time before all the snow has melted away.

New York to Zurich on SWISS 2013 -009
My SWISS flight from New York to Zurich

But never fear! I’ve partnered with SWISS, the flag bearing airline of Switzerland, and Switzerland Tourism to help get you in the spring spirit. After all, there is no better time to visit Europe than spring and Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries on the continent.

Here is what the lucky winner will get: 2 round-trip tickets on SWISS to Switzerland (approx. value $3000 each*) and 2 First Class 8-day Swiss Rail Passes, which includes free entry to over 400 museums! To enter, sign up for my newsletter and use the form below as usual. There are additional chances to enter if you like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. You can also like and follow SWISS on Facebook and Twitter for entries, and tweet about the contest for more chances to win. That’s a total of 6 chances to win!

Because this prize is so amazing, SWISS and I want you to briefly tell us why you want to go to Switzerland. There’s a place for you to use on the form. Please be creative and sincere. “Just to go,” isn’t going to cut it.

Enter by midnight on April 14th. A winner will be announced on the 15th, just in time for Sechseläuten!

Thanks to SWISS and Switzerland Tourism for the opportunity to run this contest, and good luck to you!

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* The prize letter expires one year after the date it is issued. Taxes and fees apply, but SWISS will waive the fuel surcharge

59 Comments On "Win Two Tickets to Switzerland on SWISS"
  1. Erna Stucky|

    The best thing Swiss did was er-instate direct flights from Zuerich to San Francisco.
    Thank you Swiss!

    1. fred|

      I like cold beer with that, thank you, fred storms

  2. todd stern|

    I liked you on Facebook

  3. Christine burd|

    I signed up for your newsletter

  4. Christine burd|

    I liked you on FB

  5. Christine burd|

    I follow you on twitter. @seaburd49

  6. SpringSki2013|

    Great coincidence. I’ve been looking into flights to Switzerland to go spring ski Chamonix. Have you covered spring ski season in that area? I searched but nothing came up.

  7. Marcia Cloutier|

    I would LOVE to visit Switzerland for a few reasons! 1.) I’ve never flown Swiss Airlines, 2.) My brother lives in Germany and I haven’t seen him in several years! and last but not least 3. My mother once visited Switzerland (when she visited my brother)and said it was beautiful and to be sure to one day visit! Winning it would just make the trip that much nicer :)

  8. Anonymous|

    My wife is from switzerland and would love to see her mothercountry… never been there

  9. Shelly Schnepp|

    Ive been to Europe only once, and after the horrible year I’ve had getting through a difficult divorce I could really use a break!

  10. Anonymous|

    I am following you on twitter but did not want to give that app permission to access my info so I did it separately kninedoc

  11. Viv and Jill -|

    What a great contest! Good luck everyone, the winner is going to have a trip of a lifetime.

  12. Belinda LaMagdeleine|

    My grandfather was born in Switzerland and came to the US when he was 18. I have visited Switzerland but think it would be amazing to go there with my mom and show her the cottage in Innertkirchen where her father was born.

  13. amydj1|

    I still can’t enter from any of the links, am I the only one having this problem? :(

    1. Johnny Jet|

      What computer and browser are you using? I’m having trouble with IE10 and they are working on it

      1. amydj1|

        I use Google Chrome, and I have a Dell. It shows the entry box, but there’s no option to enter under it like there normally is…?

        1. Ryan Cowles|

          I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems with the form. Can you try viewing it in another browser? Or clearing your cache, and trying again?

          1. amydj1|

            I tried IE instead, and it worked! Thank you!

      2. Charlie|

        Firefox always locks up on the Facebook links but the others work fine for me. I entered this one because I’ve not yet made it to Switzerland and have always wanted to see Montreaux and ride some of the trains just to take in the scenery.

  14. Kevin|

    Obviously the winter is bogging me down since I am furiously flipping through travel blogs for soothing! I know it’s not Switzerland (which I can only admire from afar in this economy) we’ve considered checking into long term hotels Seattle locations. We heard that they have packages that we can afford this year. I still have hope I can win this contest though, so Followed, Liked, Shared and Tweeted.

  15. Mary Carlson aka MN Mary|

    I’d love to win a trip to Switzerland ‘cuz I’d like to see how they put all those holes in their Swiss Cheese!

  16. Anonymous|

    Best chocolate, best bread, best cheese, best muesli, amazing landscape, kind people, great winter sports, my in-laws…need to say more?

  17. Donald Boudreau, PhD (@DonaldGBoudreau)|

    For the fondue, for the raclette, for the cheeses, the wines, the cows and their cowbells, for the mountains and the rivers and the chocolates, and the ski chalets and the castles and the boats, did I mention for the watches? For the Swiss people, in all their beautiful cantons, in all their diversity and richness, to enjoy Switzerland beholding its many gifts to the world that it has been delivering for as long as it has – and keeps doing so. Did I mention for the romantic side of the country given the backdrop of Switzerland’s sheer breathtaking beauty, too? Did I mention for Switzerland’s chocolates (yes, I did mention the chocolates…) and the country’s raw physical beauty that remains the envy of many others?



  19. Evita|

    Ech wett weder mol hei!

  20. Austin|

    I went to Switzerland 30 years ago. It was amazing!

  21. Anonymous|

    On April 15th the lucky Swiss may have a Sechseläuten, but we have another kind of ‘festival’ on that day…the grand celebration known as our tax filing deadline. After that day it is guaranteed that there will be no francs in the Bank for una vacanzas, so it is without shame that I say – pick me!

    Besides, even if my budget was Swiss-sized, we have no flughofen bun en Amérique, making even the best vacation a dreary affair. However, I believe with all certainty that Swiss can help me find a good one … whether it be German, Rumantsch, French – as long as it is Swiss!

  22. mcrossonm|

    I woould also like to enter the contest but cannot find a form anywhere.

    1. Ryan Cowles|

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the form. If you have any ad blocking software running, you can try disabling it for this site and trying again. If that isn’t the case, you can try clearing your cache, or trying from a different browser.

  23. Caron|

    I need some travel therapy of the sort that only happens in lovely Switzerland. Good Luck everyone!

  24. Corinne|

    I followed @johnnyjet on Twitter, Tweeted: and followed @flyswiss_us on twitter – but the entries would not record in the above form.
    Please make sure I get the entries I deserve

    1. Corinne|

      I reloaded this page and it’s now showing my total 6 entries. I’m a happy girl. Thanks for offering this chance to win.
      Recently discovered my grandfather and great-grandfather (John Zimmermann) were Swiss. I want to discover my true homeland.

  25. kerry krebill|

    I haven’t been to Switzerland in 22 years, since my daughter was a student in nearby Freiburg im Breisgau in the Black Forest. I have wanted to spend time again in that country ever since, but it just has never worked out. I have driven through several times (and taken a spectacular train ride), but what a wonderful excuse this would be to REALLY experience the Swiss life!

  26. Paul|

    Switzerland is just one of those magical winter wonderland type of places that you have to check off your bucket list. A dreamy European getaway at its finest. Count me in!

  27. Anonymous|

    I was a Circle Member with Swiss, then a HON member when Swiss merged with Lufthansa and now am a Senator member as I was retired last year. This September will be my 111th trip to Europe. We have been to 16 countries in Europe and almost all of them have been on Swiss International Airlines – my favorite. Always great service and always on time!

  28. Claire Walter|

    I was following/liking/etc Johnny Jet & SWISS before the contest was launched. I think I tried to enter, but I don’t believe any of my attempts worked because in the box about, it says I have 0 entries, 6 remaining possible entires and 6 remaining total possible entries. I’m confused.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hi Claire,

      Try it again. Maybe you entered using a different email?

  29. MCF|

    I have already liked Swiss on Facebook for a while now!

  30. Jodi Boulier|

    I would love to meet my husband there on his way back from working out of country!

  31. Julie Barthel|

    I’ve never been out of the country. I would love to be able to explore the alps by hiking and biking. My camera would be clicking non-stop with all the beauty and splendor of the country. It would be so exciting when I returned home to share my experiences with my friends and family.

  32. Rebecca P|

    I was meant to travel abroad! Too bad my wallet doesn’t agree.

  33. Barb|

    Its been way too long since I visited my home land. Time is overdo and I’m homesick…………Winterthur, Lucerne and Geneva along with pilatus and titlis

  34. Mary aka MN Mary|

    “Boogged” down is an understatement – I’m living in the land where winter just won’t go away. Today, April 11th, we have experienced yet another snowstorm with blowing and drifting snow. And the forecasters say we have at least 2 more to expect in the next 10 days. Now I know Switzerland is also a land of snow found in their beautiful Alps, but I’m ready to trade the icy Lake Superior here in Minnesota for the ice-free Lake Geneva in Switzerland and experience an area where SPRING truly exists. PLEASE pick me as your winner…….PLEASE!!!

  35. Matt VandeKerkhof|

    I’d love to surpise my wife with a trip to see old friends in Switzerland for her 40th birthday.

  36. Caitlin finnegan|

    Why Switzerland? I’m already thinking Zurich later this year, in order to visit the National Museum (love national history museums) & Reitburg Art Museum. My travel agent tells me I must visit Lucerne as well and take a day trip to Liechtenstein. Of course, there must be generous consumption of the Swiss chocolate I pay an arm-and-a-leg for when traveling in other European countries!!

  37. Andrew|

    Thank you for the opportunity. I’d be delighted to celebrate my best friend’s wedding this summer in Zurich!

  38. Alice|

    I can’t enter the contest…but whoever wins this contest will have an amazing time in Switzerland! I’ve been there and it’s just amazing!

  39. Daniel|

    I love SWISS Business Class … probably the best transatlantic Business Class product for comfort and consistency.

  40. Ivonne Davila|

    I need a break from the mundane and the opportunity to start living/seeing life! To view all the wonders that God has made! Switzerland is famous for its majestic scenic views as well as its multicultural eclectic mix of people. So I’ll look foreward to being choosen to travel to Switzerland and seeing all this splendor.

  41. Annie|

    Swiss chocolate! Thank you for the chance to win a trip to eat some.

  42. RobRob|

    Thanks for the chance to win, JJ!

  43. Anonymous|

    Signed up for the newsletter and liked on Facebook!

  44. Peter Bailey|

    I have never been and have always wanted to see this Country

  45. Brian|

    Gosh, it says I have zero entries now. I was already packing my bags, I really want to go!

  46. Ryan|

    I have never been and it would be my dream trip! I have looked at pictures of what Switzerland has to offer and it was my Dream. Switzerland here I come!

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