This week’s domestic travel news:

Last week’s domestic travel news:

3 Comments On "Domestic Travel News: Week of May 26, 2022"
  1. Bob|

    I’m not sure racial news is travel news? And Al Sharpten, he’s my go to guy for helping the situation out.
    Also, there is no monitoring mechanism for the LA self quarantine. Thousands of travelers a day fly into LAX and don’t fill out the paperwork

  2. Anne|

    “Fake news” easy words to accuse. All our news these days is slanted, but please be a responsible consumer of news and don’t just read/listen/watch ONE source. Ask yourself this; why is CNN pumped into airports, bars, restaurants all over our nation? Why are Epoch Times, Newsmax and conservative outlets being targeted and censored? Why are so called journalists not reporting both sides of a story, allowing us to make up our own minds about the truth?

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