This medical tourism booking tool makes it easier to travel for medical treatment

Did you know that medical/dental tourism is a $439 billion global industry? And that it’s growing at a rate of 25% per year?

Medical tourism, if you don’t know, involves traveling to get medical treatment. In the U.S., treatment at home is often too expensive for people, which leads them to look for treatment outside the country. Certain treatments are not even available in the U.S. In short, there are lots of reasons that lead people to travel for medical treatment. And there are risks, too, which the CDC writes about here.

Doctours, an L.A.-based company, makes medical tourism easier. Its amazing online booking tool is exclusively for medical tourism and offers access to treatment in 35 countries. As the company says on its website, the Doctours team works to give you “all the information needed to find a medical provider, to get your questions answered, and to arrange your treatment.” And its comprehensive platform and tools “allow patients to easily search, compare, and book the medical treatment they desire, all while saving them anywhere from 30-80% on medical costs.”

Everett Potter recently wrote a story for Forbes about Doctours and its founder/CEO Katelyn O’Shaughnessy, who I know in L.A. It’s a Q&A, and Katelyn’s answers reveal a lot about the company, how it works, how it vets its doctors, and more. The whole piece is worth reading. And if medical tourism is on your radar, Doctours is worth a look.

How Doctours works

Excerpted from the Forbes story, here’s how Katelyn answers the question “How does Doctours work?”:

“Patients can go to Doctours and enter in the medical procedure or destination they’re interested in. You’ll then be provided with a Curated selection of Doctors from around the world who offer that procedure. You can filter the results by city or country, and can compare doctors based on pricing. Each doctor has an in-depth profile so you can review their credentials and experience, view pictures of their facilities, see before and after photos from past patients, and learn everything that’s included with the procedure. Finally, you have the ability to set up personal interviews with the doctor, securely send medical records, and book your medical procedure instantly. We then assist with all the travel logistics, putting together customized itineraries that specifically cater to each medical tourist’s needs. Everything from flights, hotels, hospital and airport transfers, as well as tours and on-call nurses can be arranged for you.”


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  1. Dan Nainan|

    This is amazing, and possibly life-changing, thank you so much!

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