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Tyra is a Delta flight attendant who appears to be based in Los Angeles and documents her world travels on her TikTok account. She has some great advice for single men who want to score a date with a flight attendant. TIP: This is the item flight attendants never leave home without.

Delta flight attendant's advice for dating a flight attendant.Tyra captions her 37-second video with: “if you see a cute flight attendant and want to start a conversation please don’t :) here is some better advice…  #flightattendant  #pickupline #stewardess #airhostess #travel #aviation #airlinetiktok #adviceformen”

While sitting in a parked car, Tyra tells her followers: “Here’s a little 101 tip, how not to hit on a flight attendant. Okay. Do not hit on a flight attendant in flight, during a flight whatever, do not do that because you are making it awkward. And you know what? The flight attendant just has to be nice to you. So yeah, it’s just a really uncomfortable situation and we do not like that. Okay, but if you wanna shoot your shot then your best bet is just handing your number to the flight attendant when you are getting off the plane. Then you’re not making it awkward and you’re leaving it up to the flight attendant to decide whether or not she wants to text you.” Video embedded below.

@wheelsupwithtyra if you see a cute flight attendant and want to start a conversation please don’t :) here is some better advice… #flightattendant #pickupline #stewardess #airhostess #travel #aviation #airlinetiktok #adviceformen ♬ original sound – Tyra 🌺

Although Tyra only has 772 followers her video has garnered over 31,000 views and 300 comments.

Some of the popular comments:

bassthunder7: One of my work colleagues is married to a flight attendant, and they had met first time in a flight ! So it does happen….  Tyra responded with, “I never said not to shoot your shot just do it appropriately 😜”

joe: What if your given a Sstarbucks gift card with a number on it to make it less obvious 😉. Tyra’s response, “Not gonna lie its happened before… Starbucks is much appreciated 🥹”

One of Tyra’s funniest replies was when Keita big mamma asked, “Ok what about the pilots.” Tyra’s quipped, “Run run run far from the pilots haha. 😂 That’s just a word of advice 💁🏻‍♀️”

Not everyone liked Tyra’s advice like Darren who barked: “I shoot my shot when I feel like it don’t need your permission ever.”

Tyra responded to Darren’s comment with the following video, which you can watch below:

@wheelsupwithtyra Replying to @Darren when it makes sense to shoot your shot with a flight attendant 😜 #flightattendant #pickupline #stewardess #airhostess #travel #aviation #airlinetiktok #adviceformen ♬ original sound – Tyra 🌺

Her main point is not to be creepy about your approach, which of course, I agree with. You’ve just got to play it cool. Believe it or not, when I was single, I went on dates with multiple flight attendants and ended up dating one and living together for four years so I do have some advice.

Before, I spill the beans, I just want to make it clear that I was no Casanova. In fact, I was more like Charlie Brown. That is, until I started traveling for a living. My friends would joke that I couldn’t get a date in a bar if my life depended on it. Looking back now, I realize it’s probably because I don’t drink alcohol so never had any liquid courage and I don’t like being around drunk people.

However, when it came to getting a date in an airport or on an airplane, I surprisingly had some mojo. Probably because it was there that I was in my element.

I do agree with Tyra about not hitting on someone while they’re working but looks alone aren’t going to do it. So if you just hand your number to a flight attendant without having had any interaction with them, it’s just weird and you have zero chance of getting a text unless, I suppose, you look like Brad Pitt or are a celebrity.

My advice is to talk to them after they’ve done their drink and meal service, especially on a longer flight. Half the time, especially on long flights, the flight attendants are bored and passing time by either reading, doing crosswords or working on their crew schedule for the following month.

I met most of my dates on the New York to Los Angeles route, which I used to do every other week for three years, but I always waited until they were done with their work.

Most of the time, the flight attendants enjoyed speaking to someone to pass the time and so did I. Twenty-five years ago, flying was really boring. Most planes didn’t have power ports, laptop batteries only lasted a couple of hours (even my backups didn’t last) and there was no WiFi, streaming or entertainment systems — just a giant screen playing the same old movies with terrible headphones.

When I would go to the back galley, I never went with the intention of getting a date. I really just wanted to not only pass time, but to learn travel tips. In fact, 99% of the time I wasn’t even thinking about a date.

I would just go use the lavatory in the back of the plane and ask them a travel-related question and then let it go from there. You can feel out the situation right away and tell if they want to be left alone or not.

Granted, today’s planes and technology are a lot different than two decades ago. However, I still see a lot of flight attendants watching movies and/or working on their phones while on their break. I still talk to them to be nice, learn what’s going on in the industry and pass time.

If I was single and looking for a date, I would shoot my shot before stepping off the plane but maybe towards the end of the flight (to minimize the amount of potentially awkward time if she declines), always courteously and graciously, again, if I’m turned down.


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