In the middle of winter and some crazy Midwest snowstorms, I have a couple items to keep you and your gadgets nice and warm.


First up, I have a really sleek Drake bag from HEX ($79.95), a really cool company that makes Mac accessories designed to “function as well as they look.” This messenger bag has a special pocket built in for iPads version 1 & 2. And what better way to keep warm while on that iPad than curling up under a warm blanket? The Lug Nap Sac ($28.00) is a great pillow and blanket set that is great for use at home and while you travel. Lastly, I’m throwing in a Samsonite Window Solar Charger($14.99) that allows you to harness the power of the sun to keep all your gadgets charged.

Like usual, all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter and use the form below to enter. Then follow me on Facebook and Twitter and be entered two more times. There’s even an option to Tweet about the contest for another entry. The contest ends on March 6th. If you are already subscribed or following me, just check the boxes to enter.

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2 Comments On "Win a Cozy Travel Package"
  1. Metro Duo|

    I won’t use the Twitter links for your contests because PromoSimple is the intermediary, and it is allowed to read direct messages and post on my behalf, both of which are intrusive and unacceptable. Please reconsider this aspect of your contests. Thanks!

    1. Ben Stagg|


      We understand your concern, and here is some info for you: I have asked Promosimple why they require some of the terms on the Twitter App. I was told that all of that wording and provisions are from Twitter, and they have no control over it, but Promosimple assured me that they would never access a user’s direct messages and will never send a Tweet without being initiated by the user clicking on a Tweet button. We have found that the Promosimple widget is the best way to facilitate our contests and makes it easy for readers to enter multiple times. Thank you for your feedback!

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