We here at JohnnyJet.com would like to congratulate Mary Ann Fogarty, who submitted a great travel tip and won the “convenient” goodie bag, valued at $150 USD. Cheers to no-hassle and regret-free travel!

The following tips rounded out our top three finalists.

1. Mary Ann Fogarty: “Call your health insurance carrier and ask what coverage you have overseas or away from home. My carrier was able to provide a list of English speaking doctors in Siberia for me and advise me on their coverage and documentation requirements.
Most of us need med-evac to cover costs that insurance will reimburse and the additional costs of returning home when ill or injured. I use Medjet Assist as they return you to a local hospital if you need require hospital care–most others evacuate you to the nearest adequate facility. Some plans also include trip cancellation insurance. I use an annual policy as I travel regularly.
Be certain that your immunizations are current and carry hand sanitizer. Travel hygiene and preparation will help avoid events that can complicate your trip or break your budget.”

2. Casey Camilleri: “Have an old iPod touch and have no use for it now that you upgraded to an iPhone or an iPad? Download “Find My iPhone” app and set it up on your old device. Place it in your main bag and if your bag ever gets lost or stolen you’ll be able to locate it.”

3. Lulu Lotus: “I use the hotel show(ER) caps to cover my shoes in my suitcase and keep them from touching my clean clothes.”

Thank you again for all your submissions! This week, send us your wackiest “Culture Shock” experience.  The best story wins a fun travel package valued at $100.

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