I have a confession to make. I am a power monger. Hungry for power, cell phone power, that is.

Not sure if it’s because I have a ‘vintage’ 3G iPhone with a lousy battery or I am simply a cell phone abuser, but my phone is almost always flashing the annoying ‘low battery’ alert.

When I discovered the FatCat Travel Charger, the lightweight portable battery charger, my incessant, manic search for the nearest outlet was finally solved.

As a travel writer, part of my reporting is live from my phone, on location, via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest postings. But so many times in the past, my phone would power down as I was filming a great moment or trying to send a witty tweet, leaving me powerless and ostracized on the social media front.

Being a smart phone junkie, I opted for the charger with the most juice: FatCat PowerBar 9600 ($119). It can fully recharge three iPhones or four iPads.

I was headed to Kenya and Tanzania and doubted I would have access to an outlet on safari in the bush and shuddered at the thought of not being able to tweet and Facebook pictures of lions, elephants and rhinos.

In went the FatCat travel charger into my electronics bag for its first test on the road as it arrived in the box with ample charge.

Weighing 10 ounces, I took it with me everywhere on my adventures in Africa, from the Serengeti to the slums in Nairobi, and it faithfully kept my smart phone battery in the green, never to miss another great social media moment again.

Yes, you still have to make sure the FatCat PowerBar is charged for it to work. It is not solar powered. But it’s simple to do. Plug the FatCat into your computer (the computer has to be on to charge it) or your cell phone charger the night before, as it usually takes a good 4 to 7 hours for it to be fully charged if it was completely depleted. And no matter the electronic device, the FatCat comes with several tips to change out depending on what you’re charging, from MP3s to electronic games. And it can charge a device as it’s getting charged itself (as shown in photo above).

Now I’m addicted to two things: my smart phone and my FatCat travel charger. I never leave home without my FatCat. I throw it in my purse and have used it in so many instances – at the movies, during a concert or a talk, grocery shopping and even at home when I want to go outside and bring my cell phone to play a little Words with Friends.

The FatCat Travel Charger is available in three sizes and five colors in the smaller 4200 model. Trust me, I’ve tested out other portable chargers, and FatCat IS the fat cat of them all. I highly recommend it for the travel professional, the businessperson on the go or for the everyday smart phone power mongers like myself.

It sounds strange, but the FatCat portable phone charger has relieved much anxiety and stress for me in my daily life, whether at home or traveling. Now I can say 24/7, “I’ve Got the Power!”

If only FatCat Gear could create a portable camera battery charger, then my power grabbing days would truly be over…

To learn more, visit www.fatcatgear.com.

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  1. Harold A.|

    What a great device, i wish i would’ve known about it before, i was in the process of getting my computer fixed when I realized I could just use my phone to get the information I needed but then I realized that my phone was dead, one of these little devices would had being perfect at a moment like that, I am deff. going to buy one myself since I like to travel a lot, thanks for sharing this post, great article!

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