Ever wish you knew the inside scoop before visiting a new destination? Now you can! We’ve reached out to our favorite locals and tour guides from all over the world for their insider tips. In the City Insider Q&A, they’ll let you in on the spots that should be on your must-see and do list!

Tanja Bosnic
Tanja Bosnic

Name: Tanja Bosnic

Occupation: Travel Agency Owner & Manager

City: Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Website: luxtravel.hr

Short Bio: Tanja was born and raised in Dubrovnik, where she also graduated from high school in 1992. After finishing high school, she enrolled in the University of Split, Faculty of Economics and graduated as a Bachelor of Economics of Tourism in 1998. In 1997, Tanja passed the exam to become a licensed guide for Split area went on to work at some of the biggest travel agencies of Croatia. She worked at the Atlas Travel Agency, from 1998-2001 as a guide, commercialist, and Middle East market manager. Tanja continued her work at Elite Travel Agency where she was also in charge of the Department for Meeting and Incentives.

Tanja is a licensed guide for Dubrovnik area and has a degree in Hospitality Management by the American College of Management and Hospitality at the Rochester Institute of Technology, in Dubrovnik. In 2005, she took a break from tourism and became PR & Marketing manager of American College. In 2008, she started her own online agency which deals with luxury villas rentals and provides private, personable customized tours. Tanja speaks English fluently and is proficient in German and Italian.

Twitter: @LuxTravel ltd

Facebook: Lux Travel ltd 

YouTube: Lux Travel ltd

Best way to get to/from airport: By car (taxi or arranged transfer)

Best way to get to/from train station: There is no train in Dubrovnik.

 Favorite 5* hotel: Hotel Villa Dubrovnik

Favorite budget hotel: Private villas and apartments

5 places visitors must see:

  1. City Walls
  2. Lokrum island
  3. Ston—oyster farms
  4. Botanical garden in Trsteno
  5. Visit a local home

Best local newspaper/recommended reading (for finding out what’s going on about town): Best of Dubrovnik

Favorite fine dining restaurant: Galija, Cavtat

Favorite casual restaurant: Rosario, Dubrovnik

Best place to get a coffee: Caffe Arsenal overlooking the Old Port

Favorite bar/lounge: Buza Bar

Best music venue/place to see live music: Trubadur Jazz Cafe

Favorite museum: Ethnographical Museum, War Museum

Best sports venue(s): Waterpolo – Wild League

Most popular local food: Lamb & veal baked “Under the Iron Bell”

Best “locals only” spot: Café “ Libertina,” Town’s café

To live like a local, you must have this experience: Climb an endless set of stairs on one of the streets in the Old Town, while carrying groceries.

Local/native fruit or dish to try: Candid orange peel

Most popular local drink: Wines. Plavac (red) and posip (white)

Movies/TV shows filmed in your city: Games of Thrones, Missing

Best souvenirs to buy/ goods to bring home: Traditional earings

Biggest tourist trap/places to avoid and when: Glass bottom boats—the view actually much nicer above the sea

Best travel tip: Avoid making check lists of places you “ have to see.” Relax and get a feel for Dubrovnik’s history and tradition, and find out what the locals are up to.

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  1. naoma4naoma|

    I am not a member of FACEBOOK but wanted to thank you for the Paris restaurant
    recommendation (I am in Paris for 3 months)!!

  2. Susan Aksu|

    i love that these tips of things to check out are from someone who is from Dubrovnik. I’m going to Croatia for about a month and I’ve been looking for places to see and visit that aren’t just a tourist trap. I can’t wait to sit in a cafe and have a glass of wine after climbing the endless stairs!

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