Cheers to Emily

On September 28, the travel industry lost a dear friend, Emily Easter (1978-2013). Emily worked for Hawkins International Public Relations and I met her while on a Seabourn cruise in Turkey and she was a wonderful person, someone I was proud to call a friend. I am devastated by the loss of Emily – she was young, beautiful and vibrant. In honor of Emily, one of her best friends, Louise O’Brien has arranged for a special cocktail for the month of October at the Measure Lounge at Langham Place in New York City. The cocktail, ‘Cheers to Emily’ is made with 16 Blanco tequila, pink grapefruit liqueur, lemon and strawberry syrup.

$1 from the sale of this drink will be donated to The Pink Daisy Project. The Pink Daisy Project isn’t raising money for research or awareness. Their goals are simple: to help young women cope with the hardships of breast cancer treatment by providing care and comfort. For these women, it’s too late for a cure. They need help TODAY. This charity was near and dear to Emily’s heart during the last years of her life.

If you can’t make it to the Langham Place, please donate to The Pink Daisy Project in honor of my friend Emily.

Cheers to Emily!

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3 Comments On "Cheers to Emily at Measure Lounge at Langham Place, Fifth Avenue"
  1. naoma4|

    Did Emily die of breast cancer? My cancer tale: Had double mastectomy; doctor recommended chemo and radiation. When I went for the scheduling of these procedures doctor said: “These will do you no good.” He had his back to me and I left. He disappeared the next day and has never been seen nor heard from since. I had no treatments but thought this was a death sentence. Some 20 years later I am still HERE. And, I always wondered if he “knew something” he did not tell me????

    1. Johnny Jet|

      She did. That’s awesome you beat it!

  2. Marika Flatt|

    Johnny, I didn’t know her but thanks for spreading the word about her charity of choice.

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