A big congratulations to Derek Edwards, the winner of “Help, I’m Horrified To Be Seen With My Luggage” contest. Long gone is the “walk of shame” over to baggage claim because you are the new, proud owner of a gorgeous amber-colored Briggs & Riley Explore 22 Upright bag (Valued at $300)

The following entrees were our top 3 finalists:

1. Derek Edwards (winner): “It’s several years old and it has been out of the country with me over 10 times. Last time the handle ripped off and the seams tore, spilling all my clothes and souvenirs on the floor!  I had to re-tape the whole bag up…I need another!!!”

2. Todd Carney: “My big blue suitcase is over 20 years old.  It’s been from Canada to Mexico and everywhere inbetween.  On the right side of the picture, you can see the rip that’s now officially a hole.  It has wheels on the bottom, but I wouldn’t utilize them unless you want an immediate wipe-out!  Begging to be retired!”

3. Natalie P.: “This hard-shelled yellow suitcase has traveled the world with various members of my family since 1981. It’s older than me. It’s a family keepsake which is why I think we’ve kept it all these years even though it looks like a missing part of an old school bus.”

Thank you again for all your submissions! Look out for this week’s contest rules coming soon on JohnnyJet.com. The best trade tip wins a fun travel package valued at $150.

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