When the folks at Hydaway sent me an ultra-portable, BPA-free, leak-proof water bottle a few years ago, it immediately became my go-to water bottle because it was so amazing to travel with. It didn’t take up much space in my already full carry-on, and I could fill it up at water fountains or stations in airports post-security so I didn’t get dinged $3+ each time (as I would have if I kept buying water bottles). It’s also dishwasher-safe so it was easy to clean.

In fact, the only reason I don’t still travel with it is that one time, like I fool, I forgot to empty the leftover water in it when returning from a day trip to Las Vegas. TSA flagged it, and the agents said they couldn’t just dump the water. I needed to go back to check-in and check it as luggage or throw it away. Since I was in a hurry, I had to go with the latter and chuck it, which was a total waste.

Fortunately for me, Hydaway just came out with its 2.0 model, so I’m taking the opportunity to get one of them. What makes it new and improved? It’s more streamlined, it has a slimmer footprint (now down to just over an inch), it weighs 15% less than the original did, and it now accommodates an optional carbon filter for improved taste and water purity. Grab one yourself on Amazon or hydawaybottle.com for $24.95.


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