Bota Box boxed wineI’ve never acquired a taste for alcohol so I’ve never been drunk in my life. It’s a good thing except for when I go on press trips and hosts are trying to wine and dine me and think I’m—like many travel writers—a wine connoisseur. I can’t even fake it. It’s almost embarrassing. So when I went to an event recently in NYC and one of the participants (Bota Box) offered me some wine, I passed. But I was happy they sent me a few of their boxed wines to try since I’m always going to friends’ houses or having people over who enjoy a good glass of vino. (FYI: The name “Bota” refers to the original way to carry wine.)

I gave my Bota Box wine to my brother-in-law (actually, he just took it out of my pantry without me knowing and started drinking it, which is cool; mi casa es su casa). “This Bota Box wine is surprisingly really good,” he told me. My brother-in-law is one of those wine snobs who worked in a restaurant and buys expensive wines when he travels and at home, so I trust his opinion. I’ve also sent him on a bunch of food and wine press trips for and the PR people have all loved his stories and his palate.

What’s great about Bota Box’s wines—besides how they taste great (they have the awards to back it up):

  • Their boxes create 85% less waste than traditional glass packaging
  • You get four bottles (750ml) in one three-liter Bota
  • The wine is kept fresh inside a BPA-free plastic pouch
  • Boxes are 100% recyclable as they’re printed on post-consumer fiber

Bota Box offers 14 different types of wine. Their most popular is their Cabernet Sauvignon, which is described as, “Rich black cherry and dark fruit flavors with juicy currant and a touch of violet and spice.”

I’m writing about Bota Box because Paul raved about them, and also because they target travelers so I thought you would like to know. As their marketing materials tout, “Whether you’re relaxing poolside, tableside or mountainside, we have a wine for you. Here’s to your next adventure.”

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