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Good news, travelers: Allianz has refreshed its TravelSmart app once again. Version 5.4 (the latest version as of August 12, 2020) of the app is still free for both iOS and Android, and it comes with the largest Allianz-powered pocket toolbox yet. Individual policy details and the ability to file a claim with a few quick taps remain key features, so if you’re an Allianz policy holder (I have an annual plan) the TravelSmart app is an essential resource. If you’re not, there’s still a lot to like (and anyway, the app is free).

The core features that have made the app so useful remain, unchanged or improved—and now, there’s also the Alert Center, which uses geolocation to alert travelers to the sort of thing they should know about ahead of arrival (or during a stay there). Here’s what you get with the TravelSmart app:

1. Policy details
With the Allianz TravelSmart app, your Allianz policy information is at your fingertips. Wherever you travel in the world, you’ll bring an easily accessible summary of your benefits with you in your pocket.

2. In-app claim filing
Run into a problem on your trip? Want to file a claim? As noted above (and detailed here), you can file on the go inside the app, from anywhere in the world. You can even choose to receive your claims money via direct deposit.

3. 24/7 help over the phone
You can connect with an Allianz rep, for any reason, 24 hours a day with just a few clicks.

4. Real-time flight information
When you enter your flight information, the app will return and refresh up-to-date status updates. This puts delays, gate changes, cancelations, and more in your pocket, to be checked and rechecked on the way to the airport, when you’re stuck in traffic, etc. And as noted above, you can now see and access flight info for flights up to 365 day in advance.

5. Emergency services and hospital locator
In the event of an accident (or whatever), you can use the hospital search tool in the Allianz TravelSmart app to locate the nearest reliable emergency facilities. That means one less (very important) thing to worry about when you’re faced with a worst-case scenario away from home.

6. Emergency contact information
When you need help in an emergency, you need to know who and how to call. The TravelSmart app catalogs emergency numbers (police, ambulance, fire department, etc.) by country. As noted above, the catalog will now update automatically if a number is changed.

7. Medication and pharmaceutical dictionary
In addition (and for more frequent use), the in-app dictionary includes the names of prescription medications and medical words in several languages.

8. Alert Center
The Alert Center pushes updates relevant to the place(s) you’re visiting, including health and security risks, transportation disruptions, weather advisories, and cultural considerations. If there’s a natural disaster or a health emergency or a strike at the airport, you’ll know about it. And if you want more details on anything you see in the Alert Center, you can access it 24/7 via live help with just a click.

Download the app

You can download the Allianz TravelSmart app for free from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Disclaimer: Johnny Jet works as an ambassador for Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Service Company) and receives financial compensation.

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