What: This week’s JohnnyJet.com Travel Contest & Giveaway- Submit the best caption for this photo and win a travel package valued at $115 USD.

1. 1000 Places To See Before You Die: The New York Times Bestseller’s second edition by author and veteran travel journalist Patricia Schultz, boasts 200 all-new entries (28 countries with 600 full-color paragraphs.) From a trek through Morocco’s Atlas Mountains to a sunrise balloon safari over Masai Mara and sailing the Mekong River, 1000 Places profiles breathtaking and unbelievable adventures available to all travelers no matter where the destination. Each entry details the who, what, when, why, and how of all the must-see hotels, restaurants, and attractions coupled with all the nitty gritty details; the contact websites, prices, and best times to visit. This book is a reference must-have for any travel junkie library.

2. Eagle Creek Travel Cube: The “cube” bag is part of the Pack-It System collection that allows you to pack smarter, neater, and easier so you can pack a whole lot more. The system features  various color-coded compartments for different travel accessories- the cube, folder, sac, and kit. The “cube” -available in small, medium and large- is perfect for organizing shirts or even packing away dirty laundry and wet swim suits. A must-have for minimizing wrinkles, maximizing space, and organizing the small stuff, you won’t remember what you did without it.The Tugo Drink Holder: Take your drink wherever you go with this handy lil’ invention. The drink holder is the amazingly simple answer to a that cumbersome moment, when you have 20 different things in your hand but refuse to get rid of your coffee, red bull or beer. (You know what I’m referring to.) Just thread and tighten the Tugo to your rolling luggage and slide in a small to medium cup. Now your drink is safe, secure and ready hugo.

3. The BugZip: This luggage and clothing encasement is specially designed  for advanced resistance to bed bugs. The clear, plastic cover protects all clothing, bags, and belongings during travel and greatly reduces the transfer/movement of bed bugs to the home and from place to place.

4. The Travel Safe 100- From anti-theft and travel security pros, this product by Pacsafe is weather resistant, embedded with slash-proof stainless steel wire, and easy to use. This small but sturdy bag will keep personal items and valuable safe as the draw wire allows you to attach it to a fixed a fixed object and lock it closed.

How: Easy, breezy. Leave the caption in the comment section below. Include your name and an email address. All official contest rules apply.

When: The winner will be announced this Monday, July 2nd and be contacted by a JohnnyJet.com representative. The last day/time to enter will be on Sunday, July 1st at 6pm PT.

Why: ‘Bout time to put that wit to use.


34 Comments On "Best Caption Wins 5 Item Travel Package"
  1. Jonathon Squires|

    This isn’t kosher! I ordered the kosher meal. Actually I ordered 10 kosher meals and now you made be look foolish at my own son’s bris.

    1. Jane Engle|

      “Get me a volunteer ASAP to taste-test the pink slime!. No one here will do it.”

    2. Lori Elliot|

      Look I’ve got an audience and a guy with a camera, and all you can say is ‘I’m so sorry?, while LAUGHING?’

  2. Kathy Marsh|

    I’m sorry sir (to the airline chairman), no matter how many ways we have tried to repackage it, it still looks like a TV dinner – not a 1st class meal… PLEASE increase ‘the budget’

  3. C Molloy|

    Where’s the beef ?

  4. Amy M. (@AmyMack74)|

    McDonald’s executives investigate real, unprocessed, fresh food. Many phone calls and photos were sent asking friends and relatives what these substances are as they have previously been unknown to the group.

  5. Ruth|

    You expect me to eat that?! It looks too healthy.

  6. kevin wright|

    Food critic by day, Doctor by night…

  7. Anuj Adhiya|

    “No, I dont think economy class passengers will be able to tell that we are serving them leftovers from earlier flights.”

  8. Anonymous|

    “It’s one hour before operations and the whole team is sitting here with ‘airplane food’ when we clearly asked you to transport the ‘Ukraine dude’!”

  9. dwh|

    “You want him to take a photo of me putting what where? With all these people watching? But someone’s going to eat this!”

  10. Kate|

    “It is one hour before operation, the whole team is here staring at this ‘airplane food’ we’re suppose to operate on instead of the ‘Ukraine dude’ I clearly asked you to transport!”

  11. bretlove|

    Suddenly, Bill regretted taking his job as Official Taster at the Monsanto “Food” Factory.


  12. Tricia Mattson|

    “Honestly Dear, you could make this if you just put your mind to it…….now wait, I’ll have Bob take a photo and send it to you………yep, uh uh, see you tonight for dinner.”

  13. nina|

    Hello dear. please help us sample our products!!! We can’t bear to try them ourselves!!!

  14. Gabriel Andino|

    I don’t like the food factory theme at this restaurant. I’m totally trashing this place on Yelp!

  15. katiecoakley|

    “Yes, sir, I understand, but I’m telling you, the order got mixed up. How are we supposed to serve airline food to our hospital patients? They’re going to expect this level of edibility every day!”

  16. kevin|

    “So this is exactly what the man in 2B ordered before having the heart attack?”

  17. Michael|

    “The spinach transplant was successful. Sadly the carrots didn’t make it.”

  18. Fitz|

    Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the worlds first actually good tasting airplane food!

  19. Anonymous|

    Are you kidding me, we dissected this last week and found it only passable for coach!

  20. Anonymous|

    I told you I wanted dog, not cat.

  21. Mary|

    I swear we pulled it straight off the plane! What do you mean it isn’t toxic we can all smell it and we have pictures of it moving! Ok, guys he says delete the pix and don’t tell a soul what we saw here today.

  22. Rita Salazar|

    We think that we will have to postpone the next flight until we work out what we’ll feed the passengers.

  23. Kieron Keady|

    “Hello Domino’s? I need a dozen large deluxe pizzas delivered to the ER…..”

  24. Kari King|

    No! I said sea salt, not bath salts!

  25. Larry Parrish|

    “Yes sir, we’ve figured out how to make soylent green into a variety of normal looking dishes; but unfortunately no one here is willing to taste it.”

  26. Loz|

    We need Kim jong-il to look at this! http://kimjongillookingatthings.tumblr.com/

  27. RobRob|

    We can rebuild it. We have the technology. We can make Airline Food better, faster and tastier than ever before…

  28. A_nomy_mouse|

    “Gary, I said to deliver lunch to the secretaries, and deliver the corpse to the autopsy room. You’ve really done it now…”

  29. Cynthia Scarborough|

    Whadda ya mean if we cook it we have to eat it?

  30. John shaski|

    “It will go great with tomato juice.”

  31. Paul Grochowski|

    “Well doctors, all of this came out of my patients left leg”.

  32. Sally Glunt|

    “and the yellow food-like substance can be stored in the galley for 4 weeks without refrigeration. Our studies show that hungry passengers will pay $10 per plate. “

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