I used to consider myself a packing expert but I haven’t packed a suitcase in so long that I fear my skills may have gotten rusty. But with my first trip since the pandemic started (a SoCal road trip) just around the corner, I’m looking forward to brushing up and I’ll be doing it with my Away suitcase.

If you’re not familiar with Away, it was started by two former Warby Parker executives and you’ve probably seen the sleek suitcases on social media; they’ve long been the darlings of Instagram and Away is one of the first direct-to-consumer luggage brands. By eliminating the middleman and the costs associated with wholesalers and distributors, Away has been able to offer travelers a premium product at an affordable price point (though you may consider them pricey, still.)

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But for the first time, they’re now more affordable. Away just launched its first-ever sale, offering up to 50% off of suitcases, bags and travel accessories.

I have two Away suitcases and love them both. The Carry-On, which comes in a wide variety of colors and retails for $225, is between 15% and 50% off, depending on the color. The same goes for The Large, which normally retails for $295. If you’re looking for a real show-stopper, check out the aluminum line. It’s normally on the more expensive side; the carry-on size is $475 but in gold, it’s currently on sale for $237.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, Away suitcases are definitely attractive. Streamlined and minimalist and their hard shell exterior makes them durable. Away was my first hard shell suitcase and I had worried that I’d not be able to fit as much stuff in it as I needed to but I find them plenty spacious. Most importantly, the large offers enough space for everything I need to pack for myself and my son for a month-long trip (and that includes not just clothes but books, toys, diapers and food, too.) However, despite being marketed as unbreakable, my large suitcase did get cracked coming off of an American Airlines flight. Thankfully, Away offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers damage to the exterior shell, wheels, zippers, handles and “anything else that functionally impairs the luggage”. They say that if anything breaks, they’ll fix or replace it for you and they did replace my suitcase.

With travel seriously restricted these days, you might not be packing your bags anytime soon but with a sale this good, you might want to get your shiny new suitcase ready to roll for when that time comes!

Check out the Away sale here. Sale ends at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

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