An Android alarm app that wakes you up gentlyI’m very fortunate to own my own business, which means I rarely have to wake up to a dreaded alarm clock. Don’t misunderstand me: I still wake up early, and I work a lot harder than I did when I worked for the big man. Now, it’s usually on my terms (often related to my jetlag). However, I know that not everyone gets up on their own and that many people need the assistance of an alarm (as I do when I have an early morning flight or meeting). My belief is that if you’re going to be woken up, you might as well make it gentle, right?

That’s where Gentle Wakeup comes in. Gentle Wakeup is an alarm/sleep app that has been around since April. It has over 200,000 downloads, but I’m not one of them because I have an iPhone and the app is currently only available for Android users. According to the owner, Dr. Alexander Rieger, there’s no iOS version because Apple does not allow you to start an app in the morning. That’s new to me, but okay.

Gentle Wakeup appears to be able to help people to fall asleep, power nap and wake up refreshed in the morning. The app features: True Sunrise Simulation, Gentle Sleep & Wakeup Sounds with natural sounds and slowly increasing light for wakeup, a Sleep Timer with fading light and music for falling asleep, and a Night Clock with deep background sounds for sleeping. The default features are free, but in-app purchases are available. One of them gives you access to all future updates forever at no additional cost.

One reason I’m featuring it—besides its high reviews (4.4 stars out of five with over 6,000 reviewers)—is that Dr. Rieger is offering a free unlock code (johnnyjet) for readers. The code, worth about $20, must be entered in the app settings. It unlocks all the app’s features (with ads still).

Promo code: Use johnnyjet for all features (with ads).

If you use Gentle Wakeup, let me know how you like it in the comments below!


3 Comments On "An Android Alarm App That Wakes You Up Gently"
  1. M Simons|

    The code is only for 7 days premium.

  2. Lenny Goodman|

    Code not working. Tried all the versions (none of which are $10 though).

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I will ask the owner what’s up

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