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Last month I sat in on Andrew McCarthy’s inspiring talk at the Los Angeles Times Travel Show which featured this two-minute video. It’s about his quest to find Ireland’s “magic road,” and after watching it I now need to experience this phenomenon myself! How about you?

4 Comments On "Video of the Week: Andrew McCarthy's Quest For the Magic Road"
  1. Pointsandtravel|

    I can’t wait, will be there in Oct! Magic Road is my next destination!

  2. photowalkabouts|

    I would love to experience this! Looks amazing, fun and a tad bit spooky…

  3. Victoria Lubawin|

    There’s the same phenomenon much closer to home: Magnetic Hil in Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada). You can read all about it here:

  4. Carol Perehudoff|

    Love it! I’ll see your Quest for the Magic Road and raise you one Search for the Kenmare Stone Circle.

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