Natalie, Jack and I flew from Toronto (YYZ) to New York’s JFK on American Airlines. Usually, we fly to LGA but the JFK flight was much cheaper. We showed up to Pearson International Airport extra early since the US Department of Homeland Security last week announced new security measures on air travel to the United States from over a hundred countries, including Canada. I wasn’t sure how long the lines would be and if travelers had to take out their electronics larger than a cell phone out to get doubled checked but there was none of that. It was the same as in the past.

Since we had so much extra time we went out checked out the brand spanking new Admirals Club which opened last week. Below are my pics…

After security, then U.S. immigration and the Duty Free shop you will find the hallway (under construction) to the gates and lounge.

Unlike the old Admirals Club this one is on the second floor and requires you to take an elevator. I didn’t see a stairwell.

Entrance to the Admirals Club

Admirals Club Check-In
First look of the Admirals Club

All these seats have power outlets too…

Love the new look (it’s now pretty much universal at all the clubs) and the soda machine.

These new Coke machines have so many flavors to choose from and this is just the Diet Coke screen! Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke, anyone?

The snacks offered at lunch time

Chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin or brownies

Admirals Club Bar

Admirals Club Men’s Bathroom (one urinal and one toilet)

Toronto themed artwork

Newspapers and magazines.

Bottom line the new Admirals Club at Toronto’s Pearson Airport is a huge improvement. The food, service and amenities are all solid and it’s a fantastic place to pass time while waiting for your flight.

The AAdvantage World Elite card grants you AAdrimals Club access. My favorite airport lounges in the United States are the Centurion Lounges and you need the Amex Platinum to get it.

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  1. Jack in San Diego|

    If they make it any nicer, you won’t want to leave!

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