Always look both waysWhen I was growing up, my parents instilled in me the instinct to always look left, right and then left again before crossing any street. Well, I just returned from London, and the painted message in the photo above (next to a crosswalk) inspired me to make this classic into a travel tip.

“Look both ways before crossing the street” is sage, common-sense advice that should be applied everywhere you go (the number of pedestrian deaths in the U.S. in 2017 was again high), but especially when you travel to places where people drive on the opposite side of the street. In an unfamiliar place, you don’t just have to worry about vehicles; I find bikers even more dangerous because you can’t hear them, they’re unexpected, and many times they’re coming the wrong way (relative to the law) on a street.

Remember what you heard growing up, and always look both ways before crossing a street.




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4 Comments On "Always Look Both Ways"
  1. Wayne Brubaker|

    I remember growing up in the early 70’s that highway deaths were around 35,000. And currently, the death rate is similar. I’m guessing that cars are safer is the reason. In your article, you mention that pedestrian death/injuries are going up. I’m going to guess at the cause having to do with EVERYONE’s eyes on their phones!

  2. Erin Young|

    I would agree about looking left, right and left again before crossing the street, but I would also use the same technique when taking a left turn in the US and other places that drive the same side that we do. My husband was hit by a car because he did not look left, right and then left again. When I asked if he did he looked at my like why would I do that again!! Anyway, he was well in his 40’s so old enough to have been driving for 20+ years.

  3. atb2man|

    Great travel comment but also for everyday wherever we live. Frequently in So CA while driving on surface streets, bicyclists wiil surprise me at intersections by not riding with flow of traffic as per the laws. Very hazardous for one and all.

  4. Bryant Petitt|

    In countries where they drive on the left, I have to be extra careful to look both ways.

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