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  1. Dave Ashby|

    Dear Johnny,

    We had hoped you would posted our Previous comments concerning United’s Humanitarian Flight 3014 from PTY TO IAH on May 27th. Again UNITED filled every seat on that flight. Plus the attendants did not insist passengers wear face masks. Of all airlines Spirit, who we said we would never fly, had humanitarian flights from PTY to FLL in early May & June & EVERY middle seat was vacant. I noticed, your most recent post, that Delta plans to leave the middle seat vacant until the fall.

    Also United charged a O/W economy seat in the almost of $700.00. This is approximately double the usual cost of a O/W ticket between PTY & Houston. We would not have minded if United had spaced passengers according to safety guidelines. I am certainly disappointed in this money grab by United. We will in future, be very reluctant to fly United.

    Hope you alert your viewing audience to this.

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