Emergency landings are very rare and I’ve only experienced a handful in my life … and I’ve flown thousands of times. Most of them were for medical emergencies but two were legit: smoke in the cabin and a bird strike on takeoff and both of those scary incidents happened within the same week, but in other ends of the country.

Both were on American Airlines and the first was LAX to Fort Lauderdale (we diverted to Tucson) and the bird strike happened on takeoff from Fort Lauderdale and we immediately diverted to Miami.

But yesterday, Aer Lingus, the flag carrier of Ireland had a day. Their Airbus A330-300 had not one but two emergency landings yesterday at Hartford’s Bradley International Airport (BDL).

According to Aerotime: “Flight EI133 was on its way to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) on August 9, 2022, when it diverted to BDL and made an emergency landing due to severe weather. The aircraft, an Airbus A330, stayed at BDL until the weather cleared. When it departed to continue on its journey to BOS, the aircraft experienced an emergency with an engine compressor failure and fire coming from the engine, according to IAFF Local S-15 CT State Firefighters.”

And someone caught a photo of it.

Here are some screenshots from FlightAware.com



Fortunately, the aircraft landed safely at Bradley for the second time and then made its way to Boston two hours and 16 minutes past its original arrival.

Would I get on that same Aer Lingus plane today? Absolutely. I’ve flown Aer Lingus multiple times and they have a very safe record as does the A330 aircraft and every major commercial plane.


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  1. Anonymous|

    I was on that plane too. It definitely DID NOT go on to Boston. The next morning, as I sat in the Hartford airport waiting to get home to Pittsburgh, (having missed that Boston connection) I looked out over the airfield and there sat the huge plane, still on the runway……at least 15 hours after it dropped us off.

    Yes, the crew was wonderful. And so were the passengers. No screaming. No panic (at least not outwardly). Everyone calm and comforting to each other. Everyone.
    Once down on the ground however, it was a different story as Aer Lingus forgot about us and we had to make our own way home, at our expense, for which we have yet to be reimbursed. At that level AL needed to offer some good assistance, and still does.

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