US Airways really got me steaming mad Monday night when they left my 80-year-old legally deaf father and his disabled wife behind. They were flying from Erie to West Palm Beach via Philadelphia, and I got a call from the gate agent in PHL stating they didn’t make their connection to Florida and would need to spend the night in a hotel. The agent was really nice and she put them up for free. I was content with that until I looked up the flight status afterwards. It turns out his plane to Florida left early! See the screenshots of both of their flights: Erie to Philadelphia and then Philadelphia to West Palm Beach. They should’ve made it no problem and I even ordered wheelchairs for both since his back sometimes acts up. They can mess with me but not my family. US Airways better make things up by giving them a voucher for a future trip–and most importantly by stopping this practice of leaving early before everyone is on board the last flight out. Instead of leaving seven minutes early, they should’ve left seven minutes late. It’s crazy! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for leaving early–as long as everyone is already on the plane. Boo, US Airways!

An update on last week’s US Airways debacle – they replied within 24 hours after I emailed them and admitted to their mistake, said they will prevent it from happening again and ended up sending my dad and his wife each a $300 travel voucher. I think that was fair and this ordeal taught me not to contact US Airways via Twitter but rather through their web form.

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  1. Paul Oakley|

    I agree. I have never liked US Airways. Not right what they did to your dad.

  2. Kiera Reilly|

    Funny, a friend of mine just posted about a similiar problem I think also with US Airways…his flight out of Miami left early so even though he had checked in for connecting flight at originating airport, plane left without him and he was stranded in MIA for 5 hours.

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