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Chase Ultimate Rewards® points are the most valuable credit card points you can have. The way to get the most out of them is to redeem them for award travel. Below are several ways to make 50,000 Chase points worth as much as $1,000.

While a $500 redemption value is laudable, these three Chase cards have the best travel benefits and can make your rewards worth as much as $750 in travel rewards:

These three cards also offer 1:1 point transfers to over a dozen airline and hotel partners. Some of the best transfer partners include Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and World of Hyatt.

  • New Chase Sapphire Reserve® cardholders can earn 60,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. That’s $900 toward travel when redeemed through Chase Ultimate Rewards®.
  • New Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card cardholders can earn 60,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. That’s $750 when redeemed through Chase Ultimate Rewards®. Member FDIC
  • New Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card cardholders can earn 100k bonus points after spending $8,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. That’s $1,000 cash back or $1,250 toward travel when redeemed through Chase Ultimate Rewards®.

What are 50,000 Chase Points Worth?

Chase points are usually worth 1 cent for travel, cash back, and gift cards. But each point is typically only worth 0.8 cents for online shopping credits unless a limited-time promotion is active. 50,000 Chase points are easily worth at least $500 in travel.

With the Chase Sapphire cards or the Ink Business Preferred and the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card, your points can be worth 25% or 50% more when booking award travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards booking portal.

So, each point can be worth 1.25 cents or 1.5 cents when you book with the travel redemption bonus.

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How Much are 50,000 Chase Points Worth?

You will have the opportunity to quickly earn 50,000 Chase points (or more) as a signup bonus for one of the best Chase credit cards. In most cases, 50,000 Chase points are worth $500 for travel, cash back, or gift cards.

The same 50,000 points can be worth $625 with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or Ink Business Preferred and $750 with the premium Chase Sapphire Reserve®.

The standard Chase points redemption value of 1 cent is automatic for the rewards credit cards that earn Ultimate Rewards and don’t charge an annual fee. This redemption value is similar to the average value of credit card points from the best rewards credit cards.

In addition to these Chase welcome bonuses, all Ultimate Rewards points can be transferred to Chase’s airline and hotel partners. This means you can use your points to book award flights and hotel stays at a much higher value than you would if you redeemed them directly through Chase.

For example, you could transfer 50,000 Chase points to United Airlines and book a round-trip flight between the United States and Europe. This would normally cost over $1,000, but you could get it for free using your points.

The same is true for hotel stays. You could transfer 50,000 Chase points to Marriott and book a 5-night stay at a Marriott hotel. This would normally cost over $1,000, but you could get it for free using your points.

Earn Chase Points Without an Annual Fee

You can lock in the $500 redemption value for 50,000 Chase points with these card families:

None of the cards above charge an annual fee, but a foreign transaction fee applies.

Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card lets you earn a $1,000 bonus cash back after making $10,000 on purchases during the first 3 months. You can earn up to 2.5% back on purchases and redeem your points for cash back, travel, and gift cards at 1 cent. It has a $195 annual fee. You can read our in-depth Ink Business Premier review to learn more. Member FDIC.

50,000 Chase Points Redemption Bonus

Your points can be potentially worth more than redeeming them through Chase Ultimate Rewards as airlines are likely to have more valuable redemption options when booking directly from their platform.

For hotel rewards, booking through Chase is almost always the more valuable option as hotel points tend to be worth 0.5 to 0.8 cents on average. However, World of Hyatt is a notable exception as the redemption value is usually 1 cent or higher.

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Are There Chase Gift Card Redemption Bonuses?

Chase usually has select gift card redemptions on sale, usually for restaurants and retailers. Some examples include:

  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Chili’s
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Instacart
  • Sephora
  • Topgolf
  • Under Armour

The offers and discount amounts vary by card, but you can expect to save at least 10% on participating brands.

A 10% discount makes each point worth 1.1 cents, so you only need 900 points per $10 gift card instead of the standard 1,000 required points.

If you’re flexible about where you spend your Chase points for non-travel redemptions, browsing the gift card sale is one of the most reliable ways to stretch your redemption value.

When you have several Chase card combinations, such as a Freedom and Sapphire card, you can inspect the discounts for each card family as there will most likely be some differences.

Best Way to Redeem 50,000 Chase Points

Typically, the best way to redeem Ultimate Rewards is for travel as you can get the highest redemption bonus.

Here is a quick overview of how much Chase points are worth:

  • Travel: 1 cent to 1.5 cents
  • Cash back: 1 cent
  • Gift cards: 1 cent
  • Shopping credits: 0.8 cents

Chase Sapphire Reserve points are the most valuable as it’s the only credit card with a 50% travel redemption bonus. As a result, 50,000 Chase points are worth $750 in travel rewards.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred, and the Ink Business Preferred tie for second place as they have a 25% travel redemption bonus which makes 50k points worth $625 for flights, hotels, car rentals, and experiences.

All of the no-annual-fee Chase credit cards have a flat one-cent redemption value for travel, cash back, or gift cards. These cards don’t offer 1:1 point transfers which have a variable redemption value.

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Summary of How Much 50,000 Chase Points Are Worth

So, how much are 50,000 Chase points worth? The redemption value of 50,000 Chase points is from $500 to $750. You will enjoy maximum worth with the Chase Sapphire cards or the Ink Business Preferred Card for travel redemptions which is how Ultimate Rewards are some of the most valuable points. However, even the standard value of 1 cent is also competitive with the best travel credit cards.

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