Image courtesy of Trump Hotel Collection
Image courtesy of Trump Hotel Collection

Staying in a hotel with kids? You might need to implement a few survival tactics to make sure that your vacation goes smoothly for everyone involved! I asked five frequent travelers who are also parents: What is your top hotel tip when traveling with children? Here are their tips and suggestions:

Toss a roll of duct tape into your suitcase and leave it there. With it, you can babyproof any room (cover electrical outlets, secure blind cords, cover sharp corners of tables) and it’s great to have on hand to repair any baby gear that may have sustained damage while in transit. Corinne McDermott, Have Baby Will Travel

My top hotel tip is to write to the hotel when booking instead of simply using the website reservations system. In our case, it’s a necessity because we have three kids and most websites aren’t clear whether they have rooms for families of five. But it also allows us to start a dialogue with the hotel about what the best room for families is (size, location, etc.) and whether there’s anything else we should think about, like booking airport transfers. It sometimes also results in hotels waiving their normal maximum occupancies and agreeing to bring a rollaway bed in to allow us to all stay in the same room, thus saving us money. Eric Stoen, Travel Babbo

This really depends on the age of your children. When my girls were younger, a hotel with a great kids’ club is a sign that it caters to families with young children. Always call ahead to ask about their kids’ programs and request a portable crib, high chair, or other amenities you will need for your stay. Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa or any of the Four Seasons Resorts have outstanding children’s programs. Anne Taylor Hartzell, Hip Travel Mama

My top tip for traveling with kids: Don’t try to be parent of the year! When in doubt, refer to the three Ts – trans fats, technology and threats (or tickles – whichever works). Kendra Berke Thornton, Royal Travel

Don’t be afraid to explore upgrade options. We’re often lured by, and conditioned to book, the lowest promoted rate. But often, upgrades that’ll make travel with kids a lot easier – like the corner room with extra elbow room or the suite with the sliding door that seals off the bedroom once the kids fall asleep – don’t cost that much more, and the extra expense is tantamount to an investment in everyone’s happiness! With our newest addition (our one-year-old daughter), I also like to request room away from noisier areas, like the elevator or housekeeping closet or poolside bar. Gabe Saglie, Travelzoo

What are your top tips for staying in a hotel with kids? Share your advice in the comments below!

6 Comments On "5 Tips for Staying in a Hotel With Kids"
  1. Sarah Anderson|

    Using duct tape to baby proof a room is a good idea. It’s portable, can go on pretty much anything without ruining it, and is easy to put on and take off. I should do this and travel with my son. I haven’t traveled he was born.

  2. Brooke McAvoy|

    Traveling with family is a lot more complicated than traveling alone, but it is worth it. For this reason, I really appreciate all of your tips for selecting a resort and looking into the different kid-friendly services that they provide. You can be sure that I will apply your tips as I plan the perfect fall break vacation for me and my family. Thank you!

  3. Rosie Gaudet|

    I really like the idea of writing to the hotel to let them know of your situation. That way everything will be cleared before you actually get to the hotel. It would be awful if you realized you have to get a second room when you get there for all of your children and you. That could end up causing problems for you and your family. Communicating beforehand should save your from any issue!

  4. Amanda Drew|

    Thanks for the tip to bring duct tape with you so that you can quickly and easily babyproof the room without it being a hassle to you or to the hotel. My husband and I want to take the kids on vacation to a national park, but we’ve never gone on vacation all on our own when we weren’t camping. This will really make it easier. Now, I’ll just have to find a hotel that’ll be good to take the kids to.

  5. Stefan Bradley|

    You bring up a good point when you mention that looking into hotel upgrades can help make your family’s stay more convenient. My family and I are excited to go on our first vacation, and I want to make sure that I find a hotel that my kids will be able to enjoy. We’ll keep this article in mind as we look for a place that will ensure that we are all comfortable.

  6. Afton Jackson|

    My family is gonna accompany my sister during her business trips and it’s our first time taking our kids to hotel reservations, so we want some tips on how to handle this. I liked your suggestion of finding amenities that kids might like because my sons are probably going to be too used to our house with larger spaces that they may want to roam around in wider areas. I’ll be sure to keep your article in mind when looking for any suites or temporary housing reservations that we can stay at during my sister’s trips. Thank you!

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