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Short bio: Geoffrey Weill is a widely published travel writer and photographer and has visited more than 100 countries. He is the founder and president of WEILL, an award-winning tourism and travel-related public relations and marketing company. His first book was just released and is called All Abroad: A Memoir of Travel and Obsession.
Twitter: @WeillAway
Hometown: England
Residence: NJ/NYC
College: Didn’t attend
How are you doing with quarantine? See video
When or what will it take to get you to fly again? I’ve flown to Europe twice and going to Morocco next week
How many miles do you fly a year or have flown? Over 4 million miles
How many countries have you been to? 106
How many continents have you been to? 6
Earliest travel memory: Read his book
Favorite American city besides NY: Los Angeles
Favorite international city: Venice
Friendliest people in the world: Morocco
Country with the meanest immigration officers: Russia
I have no desire to go to: Antarctica
Favorite U.S. airport: Don’t have one
Favorite international airport: Amsterdam
Favorite airport lounge: Virgin in LHR
Favorite aircraft type: 747
Sat next to any famous celebs: See video
Drink of choice (in the air and on the ground): Gin and Tonic
Favorite restaurant: See video
Craziest thing you’ve eaten: Fried crickets on the Mekong
Favorite hotel: I have four: King David in Jerusalem … see video for more.
Favorite travel credit card: American Express
Favorite island: Ireland
Favorite beach: Zanzibar
Best sightseeing excursion/tour: Ellis Island in 1976 for the Bicentennial
Favorite travel movie: The Big Bus
Favorite travel show: Don’t have one
Favorite travel book: The Kingdom by the Sea by Paul Theroux
What’s your dream destination? Seychelles
What’s the most important thing travel has taught you: Tolerance, kindness and patience
Best travel tip: Set your clock to your destination time as soon as you get on the plane.

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