These 30 countries could be good places to retire
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Happy Memorial Day!

Looking for value when you travel? What about when you retire? This quick slideshow-style roundup of places to retire from Espresso via MSN highlights 30 countries offering great value right now for retirees—and indirectly all travelers. Among them:

  • Guatemala, where “a one-bedroom furnished apartment in the Spanish colonial town of Antigua, a popular expat haven, costs about $300 a month. According to the Balance, a couple can live quite comfortably on $1,500 a month, which includes a gardener and house cleaner, regular massages, and three-course meals for just $20, as well as other small luxuries.”
  • Malta, where “utility bills in the capital average about $97 a month for two people, and a furnished, 900-square-foot apartment is about $1,024. Groceries for two average about $354 a month. Though more expensive than some of the other countries in this slideshow, Malta is ranked by the World Health Organization at No. 5 out of 190 countries in terms of its healthcare system.
  • Portugal, where “a couple can live on roughly $2,200 a month in Lisbon or closer to $1,700 a month in a smaller city such as Vila Nova de Famalicão. Utility bills in Lisbon average about $129 a month for two people, and a furnished, 900-square-foot apartment is about $992, but can be as low as $375 in the interior. The World Health Organization also ranks Portugal as No. 12 out of 190 countries in terms of its healthcare system.”

See the post here for the full list of 30 potential places to retire.

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  1. Deb|

    Thank you for the list of best countries to retire in. We are considering a move to France while renting our home in Southern California. I love your emails. You do a great job at addressing my travel needs!

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