Since my first list of the top 10 travel tweeters was so popular, I’m back with more! It shouldn’t be surprising that the article generated so much attention – more and more travelers are turning to Twitter. It’s become the go-to place for travel news, deals and conversations between travel enthusiasts. I personally follow over 300 people on Twitter and they could all be categorized in a numbers of lists. My last list was about people who fly a lot and offer great travel tips. This time, it’s about tweeters who dish the latest travel news before anyone else.

I learned about these guys when they were featured on The Today Show for their plane-spotting group but these aviation geeks do so much more. They are on top of aviation news, history and flight delays. If there’s ever breaking travel news, these guys are usually the ones spreading the word, since they monitor air traffic control all over the country.

USA Today’s Travel Twitter account is run by Ben Abramson, who does a great job of keeping on top of all the latest travel news and deals. However, it is a little annoying that the only links he posts are of USAToday articles. He seldom retweets and when he does, it’s of one of the paper’s staff members who are touting their consumer features about flights, hotels, cruises and destinations. It may be company policy (albeit shortsighted) but thankfully USAToday covers almost everything happening in travel.

@ABCNewsTravel tweets all of their’s travel articles and videos, which are usually timely and interesting.

These guys tweet the latest breaking news alerts from around the world from hundreds of sources and many are travel-related.

If you’re interested in national weather and you want to receive breaking weather news via your Twitter feed instead of logging on to a website, then I recommend @BreakingWeather from What’s nice is that they don’t tweet too much – only about five times a day -and it’s usually interesting, for example this recent tweet: The global temperature in 2010 tied the warmest on record.

If you read travel articles frequently I guarantee that you have read at least one story from Chris Elliott. This guy is the Ryan Seacrest of travel. He is everywhere with his consumer columns for MSNBC, National Geographic Traveler, Tribune Media Services and The Washington Post. He’s also on Twitter and I really have no idea how he has time for all of this and his family but he does it all! If you ever have a major travel snafu, contact Chris to see if he can help. Now that’s a good reason to follow him!

If you don’t log on to every day you should at least follow them on Twitter so you can keep up to date on all their fun, interesting, and relevant travel stories.

Peter Greenberg used to be the travel correspondent for The Today Show but he recently moved to CBS. He is one of the country’s leading travel experts and he logs over 400,000 air miles a year. He doesn’t tweet himself but he does have a staff tweeting out all of his interviews and travel news stories. He’s a good person to follow if you want to be in the travel know.

Of course I’m including Frommers Travel and it’s not just because I write for them either. Frommers does a fine job keeping their readers and Twitter followers up-to-date on the latest travel news, technology as well as providing tips on the best ways to stretch your dollar.

AP Travel was a little late getting on the Twitter bandwagon but travel editor Beth Harpaz is doing a good job tweeting about the coolest and up-to-date travel news, tips, trends and destination features.

So there you have it. If you follow these 10 Twitter handles, you’ll always be in the travel know -before anyone else!

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