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Following yesterday’s tip on when (not) to wipe down your airplane seat, today’s tip is collection of related tips from a Reader’s Digest story titled “10 Times You Should Never Use Antibacterial Wipes.” As someone who uses antibacterial wipes often, I found some of the items in the story surprising. For example, antibacterial wipes that contain alcohol can dehydrate leather. From the story: “Here’s that alcohol problem again: Many disinfectant or antibacterial wipes contain it, and alcohol can dehydrate supple leather. Repeated use may leave your leather goods looking dry and chalky. If you do want to use disinfecting wipes on leather, be sure to read the label and make sure it doesn’t contain alcohol.”

See the full story here.

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1 Comment On "10 Times You Should Never Use Antibacterial Wipes"
  1. Bettina|

    Johnny, I hope the article on disinfectant wipes can help you get rid of many of your germaphobic ways. Especially where that cute son of yours is concerned! Children are pretty tough and need exposure to some germs so their immune systems know what to do when the real baddies come along. If you throw away all the wipes and just use soap and water you and your family would be better off.

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